What makes chat bots so Important for your business?

Now all of sudden, everyone has started to talk about chat bots. So what is a chat bot? Let’s learn about chat bots in this blog.  chat bot

What is a chat bot?

There are two key types of chat bots popular at this moment: The first one uses artificial intelligent (AI) while other one is based on a multiple choice-script. Both types of chat bots can create personalized content experience for whatever you do; from watching videos to reading articles, to purchasing grocery online.

AI-based bots – Though AI provides massive potential and is improving with every passing day, technology has still not matured to be used for all the purposes. Take the example of Microsoft’s Tay, the chatter bot that the company released via Twitter and but then shut down just after 16 hours as it was hijacked and started to post inflammatory and offensive tweets through its Twitter account. Microsoft had to apologize for its hijacked chat bot.

Script based bots – So far using the script based chat bots have been a safe play. They can be controlled for whatever they say. The script based bots can be personalized so that users can be engaged to interact with a brand. On the other hand, it will not give the marketing team a stress of things going wrong as happened with Microsoft AI chat bot – Tay.

Businesses are using chat bots for a number of purposes. The most common usage of chat bots we have seen so far is to use them as a one-to-one marketing tool creating interaction with customers and engage them. The biggest platforms using bots at a large scale are Facebook Messenger and KIK. The Facebook Messenger now has more than 900 million active users and KIK has surpassed 200 million. All it means that bots are successful and can be implemented with desired security.

By designs bots are flexible which means they can be used for a variety of purposes. Some examples are as follows:

Driving Tune-Ins: A bot can make difference in time zone you are in. It can ping you an hour before a show to remind you to tune in and watch it.

Driving Online or In-Store Sales. A bot can create a shoppable look for a store, particularly for an online store. By knowing which photos or products customers made purchases on, bots can send similar recommendations for the next time.. Apart from this, bot can also deep link to mobile commerce site so that customers can buy products through their smartphones.

Driving Brand Engagement. Many brands are planning to use bots to deliver banded content as same as a website, blog, or Facebook page does.

Keep audience engaged. Bots are quite helpful for those businesses which work day and night. With bots, business can enable care for their customers round the clock with keeping expenses very low. Bots make customers feel that they are interacting with someone. But, it will happen only in case if bots are implemented in the right way.

Mobile-ready and immediate availability. Previously chat bots were created with keeping the web in the mind but now almost all chat bots have been customized to support mobile apps without any need to tweaking the UI and UX.

There can be tens of other purposes for which chat bots can be used. Do you also need chat bots for your business. Contact one of our executives to get the best possible consultation and services for the implementation chat bots for your business.


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