If you love mobility, you cannot live without apps. Apps are now the vital part of your daily computing need. Whether you want to send a full reply for an important email or searching a restaurant in a city, apps help a lot. Also, apps can help you find more new options other than the regular ones. There are apps in app-stores to create a list of popular places or things you want to do and in the mean time, these apps also let you explore what other people are adding in their lists.  There are genius mobile app developers working behind such apps that help users discover what other people are adding in their list of places-to-visit or activities-to-do.

Apps are now technologically advanced and running on rather matured mobile platforms which can replicate most of the functions of desktop level computers. So with apps, now it’s not difficult to hanging out in real world and discover that what other people are doing or saying for things you also want to do.

Apps as tiny virtual tools can also help real life problem in an effortless way. Let us refer you an old example. In 2011, Tesco, the world’s leading British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer, opened virtual shops at subway stations in South Korea. They offered an opportunity to busy South Koreans to shops daily household stuff while waiting for trains to reach at the stations. They plastered the walls of stations with pictures of products, each with unique QR code which could be scanned through the camera of a smartphones. These digital shelves are like real shelves, showcasing from fruits to vegetables, to fishes, to meat, to drinks and so on.

Apps are also influencing the way companies and their employees have been working so far. Mobile developers are coming with innovative app idea to help companies solve a number of issues, enabling remote working even when employees are travelling or not at their work stations, replace and even cutting down the use of paper, and participating in important meetings anytime, anywhere. Forward-thinking businesses and companies are exploring potential advantages of going mobile and how the features and functions of mobile phones can easily solve real life problems without touching the desktop or become available in the offices.

Apps are already helping travelers around the world in finding roads and direction through GPS enabled smartphones. Now they can share location with persons they want to meet with. Turn by turn directions help users easily reach their destinations.

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It’s hard to attempt to list the types of social networking applications; still, we can at least count a few of them. But before this, do we know it clearly that what social networking is all about?

Let me help you in explaining social networking applications. Social networking is all about communicating formally with other people or finding people of same interest by the use of website or applications.

Now we come back to the common types of social networking apps particularly for smart devices.

The most common type of app that traded social networking is friendship app. Mobile developers keep coming with innovative app ideas for friendship based social networking applications. With this type of mobile application, users can stay connected with their friends, share various things, create group online.

It’s another popular type of social networking in the form of micro blogs. A micro blog is different than typical blog because of its smaller size. More and more people are nowadays showing interest in micro-blogging because it’s easy, particularly for mobile device users.

Dating apps are too becoming well-liked. A mobile phone offers quickest way to find partner for dating. Presently we have hundreds of dating applications with unique features, such as GPS can help partner to find your location where you are about to meet him or her.

Messaging is shifting from network or SIM based messaging to data or internet based messaging. Internet based mobile messaging applications are rather easier and offer a number of super features and functions over regular SIM based messaging applications.

Companies engaged in matrimonial social networking has also come into mobile business with their mobile versions of popular web based matrimonial platforms. Matrimonial mobile applications offer us a quickest way to find suitable life partner. It is easy to update photos, share social and public profiles through matrimonial mobile apps. Some companies even offer professional plug-ins with the marriage profile of the candidate.

It’s an important type of social networking app. These apps make your mobile device the best tool to share all your important updates for your company, business, employees, projects, product, services, hiring and so on.

Forum platforms have also gone mobile. Most of the popular forums now have their mobile apps on stores like Google Play and iTunes. Users can easily download these apps in mobile devices and ask questions.

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The Android smartphone you used to love is now deadly slow. Once it was fast like a rocket but now it kills you. Whatever you want to do in your phone, the response is slow and every day, it’s getting slower.  It seems that the phone is dying with some kind of slow poison. If you too are experiencing something like this, let me help you with following quick tips to speed your Android smartphone.

Clear App Cache

Apps keep writing cache, eat up considerable system resources and ultimately slow down the phone. There are two ways to clear app caches. First, you do it manually for individual app but if you have many apps, it’s going to be a time taking process. The second way gives you more control over this process.  There are app cache cleaners available on the Play Store. They let you easily delete the caches of apps in a few taps.

The second way is the best but app caches will again be filled up. Don’t worry because, most app cache cleaners have feature to automatically clean caches after regular intervals. You just need to switch on this feature.

Disable or Uninstall Unused Apps

Some users have habit of downloading any apps they find on the store, giving them space in the storage and then forget that these apps are in phone. But many apps you never use keep running in background and exploiting resources like RAM, processor and storage. Some apps come pre-loaded with devices that you active when devices are prepared for the first-time use but once you active these apps, you know that they are never used. So if you do not use them then disable their functioning. By uninstalling or disabling unused apps, you can save enough precious resources in your device.

Remove unwanted Widgets and Shortcuts

Many users have tendency of using widgets to keep the home screen decorated. But most of the widgets keep using internet to fetch information online and of course use battery, slow other processes and consume data too. If these widgets, particularly weather widgets, messaging widgets, social widgets, etc. are not really much important for you, you better remove them. Same is the case with shortcuts too.

Limit the data or switch off auto syncing.

Apps for email and social sites also want to ping the web on regular basis and consume data. This is called syncing of data but this whole processes first, drains the battery; second, eats up internet; third, takes up systems resources; and fourth, slows a device down. So if you do not need regular updates from mailing or social apps, which most people do not also need, you can switch off their automatic syncing.

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What is still holding some companies back to go mobile while a number of others already have dedicated applications for their business operations, and they are performing well too? So where is the problem area and what isn’t let companies go for mobile application development. Well, Rapidsoft Technologies has analyzed some factors that hold companies back.

Cost of a mobile software development is higher, as many companies keep assuming. But it isn’t true. Because more and more people are now able to buy smartphones and tablets in their budget, the cost of mobile app development is also decreasing. There is of course a fierce competition among mobile developers and thus, they are pitching reasonable project-prices if they want to survive in the international market.

At Rapidsoft, experts have cleared that demand of app development is today all time high. They are daily getting project inquiries from clients across the world. These inquiries are submitted by all sizes of businesses, from small start-ups to multinational companies. Even individual persons are showing interest in mobile apps.

A big market for apps is already available. The trend of smart devices is not going to end any time soon and thus there is nothing for small businesses to hold back. It is time that a business, which has  observed that it needs mobile apps in its business-system, hire experts to go mobile.

Experts from Rapidsoft have also referred a recent Flurry Analytics report, which states that mobiles usages have already grown 115% in 2013 because of messaging applications. The research statistics of Flurry Analytics is based on the session which is created when a consumer launches an app. The research company has recorded growth in every single app category in last one year.

These indexes encourage companies to go mobile but as discovered by Rapidsoft Technologies, in spite of being admitted by 81 per cent companies that they required mobile apps, 76 per cent accepted that were facing difficulty to get app development realized.

In our own analysis, we have come to the point that more than one third of companies / businesses are not considering for mobile application development because they have not met right experience. More than one fourth of companies/ businesses consider that app development is a ‘too time consuming process’ and one fifth said that they don’t have enough budget either for appointing in house developers or hiring a outsider firm. 

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Every mobile application development company offers quick ways to mobilize existing enterprise apps and of course, it’s noticed by industries too. But it isn’t significant that mobile developers are offering best of the app development service-ranges – as said by them – to transform desktop based enterprise applications for mobile platforms. What matters is who’s doing this?

What are the available options?

Before you finalize on a mobile app development company for your enterprise solution development, you must know that what are the different choices available for transforming a desktop or web based enterprise application in mobile applications.

There may be an argument that apps stores like Google Play and iTunes already have tons of apps which companies can use for their enterprise interests but all these applications aren’t automatically mobilized or customized for business or process-specific operations. Companies need for dedicated mobile application development and at present, it’s not a small task. It takes too many efforts and the proper knowledge of designing, development, implementation and distribution of mobile apps, particularly for enterprise operations. Does this also mean that enterprise mobile application development is still too expensive and out of reach for many businesses / companies?

Well, not really. There are always ways but not all the developers are able to walk on them. Small and medium companies can prepare themselves for mobile-enterprise in limited investment by following sort of solutions:

  • Remote desktop applications are useful in variety of enterprise operations. Professional companies can easily implement mobile based remote desktop applications in limited budget but with standard features.
  • Expert developers are also able to offer form factor transformation tool particularly for remote desktop applications.
  • They know the easiest yet securest way to implement HTML5 and hybrid applications
  • File syncing is an important requirement in a number of enterprise operations. It’s easy to sync files and data between same platforms but many professional developers have also begun to offer cross-platform file syncing solutions.
  • There is a bulk of apps already available for word, data and presentation processing, but their dedicated integration with enterprise application isn’t now a difficult thing.
  • Some companies are offering readily available CRM solutions which require minimum customization to fit industry specific operations.

There are tens of other options available for enterprises and they also suit business or company specific operations; however, the matter is still the same “who is mobilizing your enterprise app?”

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Mobile commerce is now a part of our life. People do really shop using mobile phones and dedicated apps.  Rising adoption gives mobile application developers an opportunity to come with more innovative m-commerce applications. On Black Friday last year, sales made through smartphones was estimated more than 20% of the US e-commerce spending. Traffic from mobile phones to e-commerce stores was even bigger, estimating almost 40% of total online visits on that particular day.

Mobile, mobile apps and m-Commerce

So, what this means? Well, it means that more and more people are shopping using their smartphone and tablet devices. Because the sheer number of people now have smarphones and tablets, it has become easier for them to go online and purchase all their daily stuffs online. In the mean time, mobile commerce, which is in fact the mobile edition of e-Commerce, has also turned out to be an important way for retailers that are driving huge sales through dedicated mobile apps. All they do is getting apps built from professional mobile developers.

Let me share some key trends which are pushing the mobile based commerce, or m-Commerce:

  • It was estimated in third quarter of 2013 that 63% US consumers have smarphones and 35% owned a tablet. Consumers using smart devices, particularly tablet users who tend to have higher incomes, have strong inclination to sit comfortably on the couch and shop on their devices.
  • According to the report’s findings from BI Intelligence, consumers, which are using smarphones, are also using mobile coupons, and this trend has increased quite dramatically. In 2010, about 7.4 million users were interesting in using mobile coupons while shopping through mobile devices but in 2012, it had increased to 29.5 million. The same usages have been expected to reach to 47.1 million for year 2014.
  • People are using mobile coupons across the range of retail stores. In the report from BI Intelligence, more than 41% of mobile coupon users said they had redeem coupons at grocery stores, 39% of mobile coupons users said that they had redeemed their coupons at clothing stores and 41% said that they had redeemed coupons at departmental stores.
  • When mobile coupons are combined with location based data gathering techniques, they do not only allow m-Commerce establishments to see the number of redeemed coupons but also, the GPS tagged location and device specific data, which can further be combined with the  digital shopping history of a particular user.
  • For so long mobile payment was not adoptable at large level because of integration and compatibility issues but via solutions like Square and IZettle, an increasing number of retailers are going mobile with their online stores enabled with payment gateways. This is going to be an exclusive trend in the year 2014.
  • Because of the rising number of mobiles and tables, more firms are involving in mobile application development and thus technology and implementation related barriers have almost disappeared. It’s now easy to get a mobile app built even for smaller companies which cannot invest enough money.

This year is still long ahead for more trends.  Of course, we will add them all  in this blog too.

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Rumors are always surprising but this one that Apple is considering about making an iTunes app for Android platform, can also be shocking for both iOS device users and iPad & iPhone application developers.  So is it really true? Well, if new reports are believed, Apple may launch an iTunes app for Android devices to battle with decreasing digital music downloads.

Apart from this, other rumors say that Apple also has plans to transform iTunes in order to keep the platform in the latest trend-flow. The company is believed to reportedly explore the idea of creating subscription based model as followed by Spotify and Google Play Music.

This may also be unpleasing news for some intensely loyal iPhone and iPad users as they pay more for using Apple-standard services, but these moves of the company would probably make iTunes’ music available for everyone.

Experts believe that if Apple launches iTunes and introduces subscription based model like Spotify and Google Play, these steps would be rather natural steps to walk side by side with others in the market.

There are no official announcement by the company that whether these developments will really take place or not but, passing rumors to people are also necessary because Apple is already controlling more than 40 percent revenue in the music market of United States.

Other group of experts suggests that Apple’s move to promote its products on other platforms is totally counterintuitive. They see it as an effect of Android’s rapidly growing sales in comparison of the ailing market share of Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices. Also, experts believe that such a move is going to be an admission of Apple’s defeat in long run.

These rumors are also becoming exclusive, particularly when Apple’s present CEO Tim Cook, when responding to the question that whether Apple would consider making apps for Android, said last year that “we have no religious issue with doing that”.

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Let me help people struggling with slower iPhone 5S devices. I have discovered some top of the ways that help you make your iPhone run faster. Of course these ways have been suggested by expert iPhone application developers.

Cleaning the Browser

Smartphone browsers do also save cache files like desktop browsers. iPhone 5S has its own browser known as Safari. When you access the web, the browser saves cache files. It saves these temporary files in order to make future visits to the same page more convenient. But when browsers store a lot of temporary files which include history, cookies, etc. of web pages, they begin to interfere the regular browsing operations and thus the device turns out to be rather slower.

To remove these cache files, users need to go to Settings > Safari > Clear History > Clear Cookies and Data. This process is supposed to implement on third party browsers too.

Don’t keep the apps you don’t use.

The App Store has more than a million apps but it doesn’t mean you will need them all. Many iPhone users have habit of downloading apps in their devices and then never use them. Users love to download apps but they should also be aware of that every app takes space on iPhone 5S. All apps in an iPhone device are installed inside the storage. The more an iPhone has apps, the more they will consume space and of course, the more they will affect the performance too. So don’t keep the apps you don’t use. Uninstalling these apps will free some storage and give more space to the core software.

Delete messages you don’t need.

Don’t know why many iPhone users want to keep message forever? Do they want to make an archive of years’ old messages? iPhone 5S does not provide unlimited space for your messages and thus keeping tons of message in the device will naturally make it slower. Also, if messages have media files like photos and videos as attachments, they are going to consume double the size of normal SMS. If you still want to keep all your messages, you better transfer them to a computer for freeing some space.

Don’t allow Auto Updates

Many apps have auto update features enabled but it may also slow down a device. Auto update can cause two major issues. First, the auto update feature drains battery and consumes data. Second, a lot of auto updates can slow other apps and the device too. For example, if you have more than one news application, and they all provide your news update, they will keep processing requests online to update themselves and ultimately make the device slower.

You can turn off auto updates by going to Settings > iTunes & App Store > and then select the app you want to on / off auto update for. Apart from this setting, you can also choose Wi-Fi instead of mobile internet for app auto updates. It means apps will only be able to update themselves when the device is connected to the Wi-Fi.

Switch off Location Services

If too many apps are using location services, they can also affect device performance and of course, the battery life too. You know that most of the apps using location services are not very important. Keeping them always on will slow down your device and ultimately affect performance too. You can modify location services for every app or completely switch off them by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

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Users and iPhone developers know that rumors about a big iPhone have been floating in mobile market since the announcement of first iPhone. The company added a half inch more in display-size as well as the Retina technology when it released iPhone 5 and continued the same with iPhone 5S and 5C too, but according to rumors, the next generation of iPhone could get a bigger screen of 5.7 inches.

So would a bigger iPhone screen affect iPhone developers? When Apple added bigger screen in iPhone 5, they did it by making the current screen a bit taller to give it 4 inches more in diagonal; however, they kept the width of iPhone 5 as same as of 4S and the change in height resulted in 16:9 ratio. 16:9 is the perfect ratio for watching video, and even more space is available for applications, as well as the OS itself. A half inch of increase in the screen offered users a whole new row for more app-icons.

But if Apple does it again that means an increase in the screen size, the company will need to do it with both height and width of the phone to continue with 16:9 ratio. Would it affect iPhone developers? Maybe not as much as you would think.

Its reason is simple to understand. With release of iOS 6, Apple added the feature called Auto Layout to the OS. This feature calms down all the worries of iPhone developers. It automatically adjusts an app as per the screen size of an iPhone in which the app is running.

So this feature now comes with the iOS and with it, Apple too can go with multiple screen-sizes. Apart from screen size, another change getting rumors nowadays is that the company may also introduce a new ultra-Retina display with its latest iPhone version. Although it’s just a rumor, it can also be true because with increased screen-size, there would be need to keeping the current or more pixel rate per inch.

Apple made changes in the resolution of display in 2010 when the company launched iPhone 4. It had a crisp, high resolution display which was far more advanced than other companies were using in their devices. Soon it was noticed that in new display, images of an un-optimized application looked blurry. The reason for this issue was that the images were being displayed twice of their original size. For resolving this issue, @2X-images were used. They are still used in the applications for iPhones and iPads having Retina displays. But if Apple again increases the screen size, there may be the need of using @3x or even @4x suffix for images.

So, rumors for these two changes will of course affect developers but in positive manners. Let’s see what happens with new iPhone.

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