iPhone has transformed the way you interact with the world

iPhone certainly made a different to us, to our world. No one can deny from this fact. Apple Inc must be credited again and over again for beginning the contemporary era of smart mobility. Apple with its smartphone – iPhone has changed our world and so did Steve Jobs said on Jan 9, 2007, on the day of introducing iPhone to the world – “Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone. His words lived to the expectations of people, even after his death.


iPhone quickly proved to be a leapfrog product when compared with other phones of that time. Many trends were set, records were broken and of course, a new brand emerged which would become leader in near future and so is happening.

Apple Inc sold close to 75 million iPhone devices in the first four months of 2016 and roughly captured 40% of share in US smartphone market.  It is way more from any phone brand. Let’s us go little dipper and understand how Apple change the world.

Laid the foundation for future smart mobility

The first thing iPhone fashioned was the removal of physical, plastic keyword which was quite popular in the BlackBerry devices of that time. Apple, with its iPhone, introduced the first-ever multi-touch screen – a feature which would later be a standard of all smartphones. The same screen touch technology allowed “pinch to zoom” and finger gestures to navigate phones, apps and all the multimedia stuffs.

The big screen and multiple touch capabilities allowed mobile app development professionals to introduce new breeds of apps. Sensors allowed more than one way to interact with the functionalities of an application.

Paved the path for new economy based on applications

Believe it or nor but the computers sent on several Apollo mission back in 60s were hundreds times slower than the first iPhone released in 2007. Consider iPhone and other smartphones are in fact a supercomputer in our pocket. Thanks to Apple which created this handier supercomputer and also, popularized apps for everything you want to do.

iPhone created a new sort of economy based on mobile app development. Nearly all understand what this really means now but a decade back, it was nearly unheard. No one actually thought of something like mobile application development. Today, the current app economy is worth $50 billion and as predicted in a VentureBeat’s report, it will climb up to double by 2020.

Transformed messaging and communication

iPhone also transformed messaging and communication by introducing threading of messages and allowing unlimited character counts. It wasn’t available in phones before iPhone. Apple launched various ways of sending messages and creating communication because of which calling has now become one of the last things people do with their iPhones. A report of 2012 surprised the whole world with finding that calling is fifth highest function of smartphones, following internet browsing and social networking.

Changed the way we consume news

Now doubt television is the no. 1 source of consuming now and isn’t going move from this position any time soon. It’s also true that nearly 40 percent of people in the US are using online way of getting news. 90 percent of US mobile device users which make 144 million people now access news on their smartphones, as of the 2016’s Knight Foundation report.

This is what iPhone has done to us. It’s all positive and it’s all for making us life easier…

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