Rapidsoft’s latest app development – UWQ for one of its clients goes places

If you are a hardcore wrestling fan, Rapidsoft has already developed an app for you. Rapidsoft, for one of its clients, has recently finished up the development of the app – Ultimate Wrestling Quiz (UWQ) for those users who are hardcore wrestling fan. UWQ is a quiz app which allows users around the world competing with each others. The app provides regularly updated questions in multiple categories. Users can choose any one of them and start competition with the user at other end.

UWQ also lets users share their scores on social media and challenge their friends.

Here are the features of the app:

  • Multiple categories to choose from:
  • Money In The Bank | Daily Battle
  • New Era Championship
  •  Old School Championship
  • Iron Man Championship
  • World Championship
  • Apart from text, content presented via image and gif to make competition more exciting
  • Time-bounded championship matches
  • 50-50 & Swap It finishers available, both in-house & for purchase to put you ahead of others in the game.
  • Category-wise Leader-boards updated every Sunday to assess your performance.

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