The Ways Apps Are Changing The Fashion World

The growing use of apps in fashion industry shows that the app economy has gone beyond being just hype. As we have heard it already, every new upturning trend gives businesses with new means of revolutionizing in them and so has been the case with fashion world too. Here, businesses now have learned how technologies like smartphone and apps can power global fashion industry to grow beyond imagination.


One of the oldest industries – fashion has been teaching people how something is done or how it happens. Today, almost all are exposed to it; knowingly or unknowingly.  Buying shoes or shirts of your favorite brand is fashion. The new hair style you demand from your hairdresser after being inspired from your favorite celebrity is fashion. But it’s not easy to be a part of the ongoing fashion trend which changes sooner than one’s expectation. Traditional channels of providing information about latest fashions aren’t much instant.

People need a lively, quickest and a personal medium to get access to all information and products about the latest global fashion trends. Here smartphones and apps, as a medium perfectly fit the scenario.  Fashion entrepreneurs around the world are now leveraging the app economy to improve their offerings and to reach mass audience in a variety of ways. Five of them are as follows:

Mobile Shopping – more than a trend

As of Google Insights, 4 out of 5 smartphones owners now prefer their mobile devices to shop fashion products. Customers visit mobile sites, apps and rely completely on their smartphones to shop. With mobile apps and mobile optimized websites, fashions businesses have now found their ways into customers’ daily lives. Because individuals of all ages now depend on mobile applications, fashion companies too are getting to the momentum.

A Seamless Experience, Anytime, Anywhere

Fashion was once the holy thing. You came to know about it only when you go from store to store, check out prices of products, trying stuffs and then buying your favorite items. It was also quite hard-working to find the products that really touch one’s heart. But mobile apps make it simple. You don’t have to go anywhere. All you need is a fashion app and internet connectivity and, you are set to explore the whole world of fashionable products. You can buy fashion products like clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and various other things even when you are on the go…

Fashion products and mobile go hand in hand

Mobile shoppers spend highest on fashion apparels as of survey conducted in 2013. It was way higher in contrast to digital products. The growing usage of mobile devices to find fashions clothes and apparels has of course encouraged fashion companies to extend mobility to their consumer-base.

Whatever aim is served by a fashion app, the most vital features to be added are as follows.

Hot of exclusive deals – This will inform user or consumers that particular items or a brand’s offerings are available at the best of the deals such as cashback, discounts, buy-one-get-one, etc to attract their attention.

Augments Reality (AR) – more and more apps are coming with AR feature these days. Fashion industry does too have the pretty much good uses of AR. An example of this feature in clothes’ fashion app can be explained by virtual try room. Users can upload their photo in app and can see how a particular item is looking on them.

Intelligent filters – Almost all apps selling fashion items do have filters which let users find the exact products they are looking for. Intelligent filter may be such filter which aids users finding the products of their choice in minimum clicks, like 2 or 3.

News about latest trends – Businesses can inform their consumers about the latest fashion trends around the world. This information will help them trigger to make purchases.

Social sharing – Users can use this feature to upload their pictures with wearing the purchased item to get liked on them


Do you need an app for your fashion world? Do you  want your fashion arts to bring online  via mobility? Are you looking for an app for your fashion offerings? Don’t worry. Rapidsoft is here to help you. Contact us and get connected to our experts.

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