How to avoid your Magento site from being hacked

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Magento is used by more than 250,000 merchants all over the world. Many of them are largest retailers and leading brands. So Magento is No. 1 e-commerce CMS but in the mean time, its greatness also turns it vulnerable. Although by taking right precautions, you can prevent your store from being hacked.

Here are the 5 tips which will help you secure your Magento e-commerce store. They are applied on both Magento 1 and 2.

1. Keep core of Magento to its latest version

The first thing you need to do is update the core of your Magneto as soon as a patch arrives. This is one strong step you can always take to avoid any kind of security vulnerability.  But before you do that, never make change in first place> You need to test the core on a staging environment, instead.  If theme or extensions seem to override core files, update them manually to avoid any loss.

2. Avoid naming admin for your admin!

The most idiotic thing inexperienced developers do is keeping such name of URL to acess  admin  which any one can guess. Generally, developers will use but this is just an invitation for hackers to succeed in the first step of accessing your website without your permission.  Avoid naming the admin as admin. Name it as no one can guess. Then the second things is to restrict admin URL and /downloader to a whitelist of IP addresses.

3. Restrict file permissions.

You have to restrict file permission. Avoid 777-permission and provide it only in a condition where it’s absolutely necessary. To know more on /var and /media permissions, see the Magento Q&A site.

4. Use strong usernames and passwords.

Like not using admin for adding, like not using password for password or 12admin or password123. Keep it as strong as possible by merging small-capital letters with numerical as well as special characters.

5. Use reputable extension vendors and programmers.

A good Magento store is created only when developers invest a lot of time and efforts into customizing it without cutting corners. When it comes to adding new functionalities, always use extensions by trusted vendors and programmers.

These are basic steps you need to take to secure your website. There are many other factors which Magento developers also need to think about of. By keeping the technology stake up to date, you can make your store further secured. Also use SSL for the whole site, not just for the admin.  Always host your site to a reputable server which has better protection through hardware firewall.

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