10 areas where ASP.NET can be implemented

Developed by Microsoft Corporation, ASP.Net is the technology widely used for building dynamic websites and web applications. Because it has a compress code structure, the development time of an application is dramatically reduced even with no compromise in quality and performance of the end-product.
ASP.Net application development are again in fashion due to their stability and sustainability as well as their perfect amalgamation with the recent technology. Organization, regardless of their sorts or sizes, are outsourcing their ASP.Net based website and web application development projects to the developers across sea.
Here are some top verticals for which Dot.Net technology can be implemented.
Business to Business platforms – A B2B application is supposed to be bug free. Here Dot.Net web application development turns out a smoother and logical technology for the flow of information among various businesses entities.
Business to Customers platforms – Dot.Net is also implemented for the development of platforms which require business to customer communication. Commercial websites which have to handle large traffic are being built with ASP.Net technologies for so long.
Blend of B2B and B2C platforms. – ASP Dot Net Application development technologies can also be applied for the websites or web applications that require hybrid of both B2C and B2B platforms.
Customer Relation Management (CRM) – The system required for managing relationship with customers (CRM) is a web application, and ASP.NET has been powering such platforms for so long. ASP.NET provides CRM software the desired security as its access is required to be restricted to the authorized members of an organization.
Human Resource Management (HRM) – Like CRM, Human resource management system is also great software for the HR department of a company. HR executives keep track of various employee-related processes through HRM software. ASP.Net has been proved one of the best technologies for the development of HRM software.
Social Networking website – ASP.NET is also one of the best websites and web application development technologies for social networking applications.
E- Commerce website – E-commerce is booming nowadays. There are tons of e-commerce websites and hundreds of more are launched every year.  ASP.Net is one such excellent technology that is quite adaptable for designing and development of e-commerce website and web application development.
Custom web application – ASP.Net can be deployed for the development of custom web application developments.
Dynamic Website – ASP.Net is implemented for the development of dynamic websites which require frequent updates to contents.
E-mail website – It can also be used for setting up email websites. It is quite secure and supports large infrastructure and unlimited number of users.

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