10 Solid Reasons Why Schools Should Adopt iPad To Provide Education

iPad is an awesome device – not only for fun but for learning too. Schools are realizing the power of iPad devices in teaching and learning practices. The concept of ‘bag-less school’ seems to be more practical with iPad devices and, a dedicated iPad application development can add additional weight to it.

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But choosing to implement iPad and apps for providing education is a big decision and not only schools or faculties but also, parents will also have to be its part to push things in right directions.

There are certain reasons why schools need implementing iPad to their teaching practices. Some of them are as follows (if they don’t found right apps, they will need dedicated iPad app development too):

  1. App - The App Store has more than 65,000 education apps designed particularly for iPad. They cover a lot of subjects, learning styles and grade-levels. They aren’t only text based learning apps but many of them are created with interactive graphics and game-play. Reading Rainbow is one good example of an iPad app available at iTunes iOS app Store. As an ultimate book and video library, the app encourages children to read.
  2. A 2015’s study of Chitika reported that iPad is dominating in North America with receiving 70% of all tablet web traffic. In 2013 iPad accounted for 82% of all tablet web traffic according to Forbs. People are using iPad tablets and apps for almost all computing purposes. Education is one these purposes.
  3. 43 percent teachers surveyed said that they let their students use tablets in classrooms (Pew Internet and American Life Project)
  4. iPad has been sold twice the numbers of Mac sold by Apple (Macworld)
  5. The largest book publishers (like McGraw-Hill, Pearson  and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), producing 90% of all textbooks, are partnering with Apple to provide their study materials in digital form. (Pearsoned.com)
  6. 82% of teachers say that students want tablets in class and iPad is the preferred tablet device among others available in the market. (BESA)
  7. More than 2,300 school districts are already using iPad devices in the US, according to Apple.
  8. More than 1,200 universities and colleges and over 1,200 K-12 schools have already hosted over 2,500 public courses on iTunes U, according to Apple.
  9. iPad can also help students of Kindergarten. A study conducted in Auburn Maine showed that Kindergarten students, who were using iPads, scored much hire on literacy tests than students who were not.
  10. Following schools in the USA have adopted iPad so far:
  • San Diego Unified School District: 26,000 iPads
  • McAllen Independent School District: 25,000 iPads
  • Mansfield High School: 10,600 iPads
  • Regis College: 1,250 ipads
  • Zeeland Public Schools – 1,800 iPads
  • Manhattan Beach Unified School: 75% of students will bring their own Apple tablets
  • El Paso Public Schools: 7,200 iPads – About a third of a nearly $9.9 million grant will be used to purchase the iPads

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