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Outsourcing Software Development involves repositioning of software development activities by a company to third party service vendors or software firms that may be located in offshore destinations. It can save you time and money if you know what you need. Development is a specialized task that involves huge investments and a specialized workforce.Outsourcing the same [...]

Today the most sophisticated smart phones, and even some Pocket PCs and Portable Media Centers, run on Windows Mobile Operating System from Microsoft. Last year Microsoft’s mobile shipment almost doubled, signifying that demand for Windows Mobile powered smart phones has significantly increased, and will continue to do so over the years. Currently in version 6.1, [...]

How do we take care of mobile porting? Porting done at our end includes 4 parts: UI management Memory Management (Heap Size and RMS Size) Connection Management (if using network connection) Testing and bug fixing. 1. UI Management: This includes all screens present in application. We follow following standards to port an application:Conditional Compilation: this [...]