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Mobile porting has been gaining it’s momentum with time and the increasing use of different applications over all mobile platforms. There has been number of applications launched every single minute and therefore it’s not feasible to develop the same application for different categories of handsets on the same platform. This is when mobile porting comes [...]

If we answer in simple words, what is PHP. It’s a scripting language which was designed to produce dynamic web pages much more efficiently. Since it was created in 1995, it has been widely used especially suited for web development. It generally runs on a web server and can be deployed on most of the [...]

Mobile devices became pervasive device as soon as people started using mobile phones, smart phones and PDAs anywhere and at anytime. Application development for mobile devices has seen a huge effect on the app store since Apple iphone has been launched and now BlackBerry getting into act with it’s streak of new launches. It has [...]