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The iPhone’s applications or “apps” have held out a slim lifeline for small and mid-range software firms in India, at a time when other outsourced projects have succumbed to the slowdown New Delhi: Last July, when Apple Inc. threw open the doors of its iPhone App Store to third-party developers, a Silicon Valley start-up immediately [...]

The market for mobile applications, or apps, will become “as big as the internet”, peaking at 10 million apps in 2020, a leading online store says. However, GetJar say, the developer community will decline drastically as each developer makes less money. According to the Symbian Foundation, newly in the developer market, apps will become more [...]

Nowadays software testing is a rapidly growing up sphere. And software testing engineers may be found employed in different sectors. Lots of methodologies are widely known: -Agile testing; -Extreme testing; -Scrum testing; -White Box testing; -Traditional Black Box testing and others. The Black Box testing is the most popular and called for in many companies [...]

Dot Net has been one of the technologies which will definitely be remembered as far as this millennium is concerned. The invention of java really made the life difficult for the Microsoft. It was required for them to come up with some real new thing in order to move neck to neck as far as [...]

In such a short span, since it was launched more than 50 applications have already been available in the Android market today. We as an offshore software mobile application development house empowers the capabilities of the Android application development and promise to provide fast, high quality and cost effective solution to our customers willing to [...]

iPhone is a revolutionary hi-tech device that has changed the face of the mobile phone technology. The device is designed and marketed by Apple Inc., one of the leading manufacturers of computer electronics and software products. Named as the “Invention of the year” by the Time magazine, iPhone is an internet-connected multimedia smartphone with a [...]