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Now-a-days, iPhone has gained immense popularity as the smartest touch screen, multimedia phone among the general user and the corporate personnel alike. In keeping with that, it is also gaining the support of websites and internet-based applications. iPhone Applications give one extended reach, easy accessibility, and maximized engagement. If iphone applications are used as marketing [...]

While the iPhone and Blackberry have gotten the lion’s share of attention from users and branded media application developers in recent months, the Android mobile operating system has been sitting in the wings waiting for its chance on stage. That moment seems to have arrived. On Friday Verizon released its Droid family of smart phones [...]

Modern science has stuffed the gadgetry scene with a slew of advanced products capable of accomplishing various activities in style. Apple is one of the biggest names in the segment and boasts of featuring some mind-boggling gadgets under its belly. The Apple iPod, the iMac and now the iPhone complete this league of gadgetry wonders [...]