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This is a proud moment for us as our services have been chosen among top 10 concerned companies all over the world. Now it is time to share the good news with you. Rapidsoft Technologies achieved the 6th and 8th positions for Blackberry and Android Application Development respectively among top 10 concerned companies all over [...]

Be it your need for locating any nearby hotels, hospitals, restaurants on your way, your search for lowest Gas Prices locally or along your route you will never get lost again using  a navigation application through GPS system on your Window Mobile powered device. It is GeoMicro Mobium Application for GPS navigation system by which [...]

It is Google’s Goggle in Android phone. It is a nascent application, recently recognized by Google, supporting only Android powered devices. Until now, we could search information, images or anything through Google or any other Search Engine. Voice search Engine could also be helpful to Internet users for searching. Now we can say, Goggle is [...]

When you decide to go for Symbian Application Development, you feel confused – How to start? Where to start from? To make you relax, we are presenting our ideas how and where can you start. First of all you need to plan out for the Symbian Application Development. You need to identify your requirements, analyze [...]

Yes, PHP, the server side language can be Search Engine friendly. Its result can be much more scalable than that of static HTML. But the question is if anyone looks for a SEO friendly PHP solution, will it be a hard nut to crack at all? No, developers don’t need to encounter a lot of [...]

Since its announcement in Jan, 2007, we have been seeing the frenzy of iPhone. No doubt it has grabbed the great popularity among the enthusiast users. It offers a set of cool to coolest features, slick appearances, powerful computing capabilities, attractive display and touch navigation and nay what not! Apart from in-built features, there are [...]

Technology is moving so fast that we cannot tell what exactly is happening time to time. In a very recent past technological applications were designed, developed, and deployed on a single machine. Then along came .NET technology, a new internet and web based technology introduced by Microsoft technology Inc. This new coming technology includes VB.Net, [...]