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It is just 3 weeks Apple’s iPad has been out! Over 830 video games (excluding nearly 25,000 iPod Touch and iPhone games) have already been developed to suit the large format, high definition, multi-touch screen of iPad. Experts say that iPad can be the future of portable gaming, although no indication as yet comes from [...]

It was really good news for Twitter users. RIM recently came up with their own application for Twitter users for the BlackBerry phones. When we heard the news, it reminded us of the Twitter mobile interface. We just tried that app on a Blackberry device for a while. It uses the same background theme and [...]

Yes! Now Google Mobile Apps are available on apple iPad and these are basically same as the iPhone has. It is just practically the same version which we already have seen in Apple’s iPhone. It is just tweaking a bit to fit into the iPad interface. Before the launch of iPad into the market, Google [...]

Being synonymous with business smartphones, Blackberry devices offer much more than needed and satisfied users with the vast range of features and facilities. Its third party applications are also getting popular among its users. The latest trend of the Blackberry Applications helps the users optimize the utility of Smartphones. Blackberry is the first made headway [...]

WOW! It looks like a battle on our hand! Apple has come up with its first beta version of iPhone OS 4.0. And Window Mobile 7 is yet to come by the year 2010. During the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, Microsoft revealed details of Windows Phone 7 with ground-up-building. It is seriously a [...]

Apple is now buoyed by the launch of iPad. This tablet has achieved much hype not only for Apple’s entry, it itself is also taking a plunge into other fields. For the next move, Apple is going to launch iPhone OS 4.0. For last few years, Apple has unveiled various gadgets rather than launching Operating [...]

It is true that professionals are certainly looking for a portable touch-screen computer. The Netbook was so far the best device among all consuming digital media. Next came Apple’s iPad to spell the death of Netbook, some people say. But in others concern, Apple’s iPad isn’t quite what the users were looking for. According to [...]

People say, it is just like copy-paste iPhone to Window phone 7. Some others say, there is nothing like copy-paste. Argument between iPhone and Window phone is going on. So let’s   take a look at features of those two. Since the launch, iPhone came without Adobe Flash capabilities. It was severely limited when it came [...]