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Yahoo, one of the most popular web-based search giants is now in Mobile application market. They recently launched Yahoo Mail and Messenger apps for Android and at the same time, they also created new, faster HTML5-based Yahoo Mail and News sites for iPhone and iPod Touch. Right after coming to mobile app economy, Yahoo has [...]

There is a rumor at the full tilt that Android 3.0 might be coming this fall, although none has any hard proof for that. An online Mobile review magazine has discussed some supposed features of Android 3.0 i.e. Gingerbread, but they could not provide any proof for their claims. They said that Gingerbread would be [...]

For the last few years, we have been watching that iPhone is still dominating the mobile market even under the threat of the entrant Android, while Android itself is making a big gain worldwide. If we come upon the emerging trends of mobile devices and usage of operating systems; on the market share front, Apple [...]

The web is dynamic in nature, things change faster than we blink an eye. In the infancy days, internet was static, meaning it didn’t change unless the site owner/administrator changed anything in it. But these days the user generates the content. Blogs, forums, social networks, all are public generated content. All this became possible with [...]

There are rumors and speculations about Apple’s exclusive deal with AT&T. Some of that say that the deal may stop by the end of this year. But other concern that Apple may dump its AT&T exclusive deal next year and it would start selling phones on more U.S. carriers. And that could be Verizon Wireless [...]

Since the inception of Android Operating System, it has been making significant headway both in public and technology world. If we take a look at the sales scale of Android devices, it shows that Android is catching up to the iPhone. Recently we found a report made by Nielson regarding the trend of utility and [...]

Adobe has just released Flash 10.1 for Android platform. Although it is not installable by the users for the time being; Adobe has already shipped Flash to other device partners. So Flash will come on Symbian, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry, Palm webOS, and other platforms shortly, may be 2012. Two weeks ago Adobe released the [...]

AdMob, Mobile Advertising Network has recently revealed a report on the smartphone devices metrics for April 2010. As per their closer look at the geographical distribution of smartphone devices, we can say, Android is still largely concentrated in North America while iPhone is going for global reach. If we consider only unique Android devices, 75% [...]