August 2010

Now Kindle is available in Android

Android users can now download Kindle App for reading e-Books on their devices. The Kindle Store currently contains more than 620,000 books. Like the other Kindle mobile apps, Kindle for Android can save and sync the books….

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Now Beta is over!

A couple of months after the BlackBerry Twitter app, Research in Motion (RIM) is announcing its full launch. Now BlackBerry users can access any user’s profile via an auto complete function. This app also includes language support….

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Auto-tune App on Android: Envious of the iPhone T-Pain app?

An Auto-Tune app for Android device came to the market. It is really good news for those who are Hungry for some portable Auto-Tune action. It’s been used for megahit web series, Saturday Night Live, digital shorts,….

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Would the end of AT&T – iPhone Exclusive deal have a negative impact?

Ok. Then who will be the loser?

In one of posts, last month, we wrote that if Apple breaks AT&T deal, nobody can say whether opening up with another cellular network would be a benefit for Apple or….

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Is there a market for BlackBerry companion tablet?

There is a rumor that RIM is working on a tablet category device; but it would be a BlackBerry companion device. This device would not be able to work standalone and it will need a BlackBerry device….

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Android and Apple are sitting in a tree!

Ohh, Yes! These two titans of the smartphones industry are getting ready for a battle. Once again, an epic battle is about to start.
People have always asked about which mobile system has the more advanced users. Before….

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A 100 year old technical ninny is reading books on iPad

When cats and dogs viral walk with iPad have become crap in recent day, we found a really touching story of a 100 year old woman.
We saw an iPad has changed the life of a 100 year….

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Is OpenSpot Android app helpful enough?

OpenSpot Android App offers users the ability to update a map when they leave their parking spots and share with others who are looking to park.

This app is pretty simple and easy to use. It pulls up….

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Firefox Home vying for the iPhone App Store

Mozilla just entered the app economy. It has submitted its Firefox Home to Apple’s iTunes App Store. As per Mozilla’s statement, it gives iPhone users instant access to their Firefox browsing history, bookmarks and the set of….

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Apple has come up with a utility service on iPad friendly version of iPhone’s iDisk Operating System App. The name of this service is, MobileMe that includes a new calendar interface on iPhone.

Earlier, few months back, Apple….

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