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Close to five years have passed since the early mobile ad networks emerged with basic banners on mobile screens. Despite numerous attempts at innovation, there are still very few mobile ad unit technologies being used by major networks or agencies. Many have just relied on the same basic banner ads that were used five years [...]

Mac users will get the ability to sync Windows Phone 7 devices with their Mac computer, sometime in 2010. The news first came from the tweet of Oded Ran, Microsoft UK’s head of Windows Phone marketing. He tweeted that WP7/Zune syncing with Mac is coming soon, with Microsoft later this year. So later in 2010 [...]

Since Apple has announced few rules and guidelines for iPhone Application developments tools to create iOS party apps, Adobe reacted to that with a positive statement. Adobe called Apple’s decision “great news for developers.” Now the first question is what Apple’s new rules and guidelines mean for iPhone Application developers. If we think of that [...]

The tablet category has already been in the market since 2008. But Apple’s iPad has only been in the market for last six months, but already has created an impact on the way content is created and consumed. Already we’re seeing more and more people at airports, coffee shops and on the train using their [...]