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Android keeps launching its latest products with a bang as a result of which Android is becoming popular and wanted among the people as well as the mobile makers. With the launch of Google’s Android 4.0, the company is not only targeting the consumers with its latest OS but also the Business people and IT [...]

With the launch of Apple 4S instead of Apple 5, the CEO also announced the date for the release of iCloud that would enable the iOS users to share and store the content like music files, data files etc over the web connected data centers which are commonly known as cloud. Users will be able [...]

The latest Android OS version chart’s release showed that the market Froyo OS is falling and Gingerbread is gaining the market share. This chart enables the android developers to understand which Android OS platform to work on. The market for Froyo has been falling for months but the latest report showed that the recent downfall [...]

There is a rumor that due to some supply chain glitches with iPhone 5 touch screen there will be a slight delay in the launch of it in October. Wintek, Apple’s touch screen manufacturer is having problem with the components of iPhone 5. The supply chain problem is due to delayed bubble effect which the [...]