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J2ME stands for Java 2 Micro Edition. It’s a newest platform for mobile application development. J2ME mobile software development supports all operating systems like iOS, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone. J2ME is used as a major programming method in BlackBerry and Android app development. It supports a variety of application development projects including wireless [...]

Whether it’s a smartphone or tablet, every device is now an enjoyment-cum-business tool. It’s an outcome of the progress in mobile technology and methods used for developing application for tiny handheld devices. User gets app either pre-loaded or can download one of his choices from a mobile software distribution platform. The credit of revolutionizing the [...]

Mobile application development process is all about developing a software / program for mobile device, especially smartphone. There may be a range of business and corporate communities for which different mobile applications can be developed. The process involves two sorts of mobile application developments – inbuilt development and custom development. An inbuilt app comes preinstalled [...]

iPhone 4S is the best ever smartphone! Reasons are quite clear. It works on voice and performs a variety of operations. The design is just universally matchless. Think a task and an application is available. There is no issue for safety and security. And for business purposes – it is a fully loaded PC in [...]