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Hmm thinking of iOS apps… I am sure apps for playing games, watching movies or listening to music comes to your mind but I would like to stop you here for a minute and tell you that your iPhones, iPads and iPods have more use than only being used for watching movies and playing games. [...]

Apps developers are keenly arguing about pros and cons of web mobile app development and native mobile app development. Giants like Google and Apple are already in combat zone for this reason but there are developers who have found third method of developing mobile apps. Developers have named it hybrid mobile application development. So what [...]

Tablet, which is in between a Smartphone and computer, is becoming popular among the consumers and this popularity is expected to increase its sale by 98 percent this year. Latest findings by research firm Gartner shows that tablet sales will reach 118.9 million units this year. If this happens, it will be 29 percent higher [...]

Facebook has launched a new type of community called Groups for School. If you wish to join it, you need to have an active email ID @ .edu. This community page has been built for schools, colleges, their students and faculties. Here all members can share messages, files, create events and more with each other. [...]

If you have great liking for poetry, you have another reason to have a smartphone. Yes, you can access poetry by using smartphone apps. These apps let you search and read plenty of poems for any event. Such applications also help you to take inspiration and write your own poem and share the same with [...]

Tech companies always succeed when they do something different. Sony did it with Walkman and then with PlayStation. Apple did more impressive thing when it released iPod; a simple yet powerful device to store and play thousands of songs. There was a time when RIM was the only king in the global smartphone domain. Soon [...]

Do not wonder if I say you can now download 100 MB data in a second. Yes, this is true and the Indian telecom giant Bharti Airtel has made it possible. The telecom company has launched fourth generation mobile services on 10th April 2012. At present, 4G Service has been launched in Kolkata but soon [...]

Today it is valuable to have an app that helps in navigating roads and destinations. Automobile sector sees great scope in mobile based navigation apps because they do not only provide a complimentary feature increasing the sales of vehicles but at the user-end, navigation apps work as road-assistant serving the driver throughout a journey. This [...]