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When it comes to an Android tablet, no company could have made its brand popular so far. Samsung, for some time, emerged as a major player in Android tablet market, but now the game has changed with the launch of Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Yes, it is Kindle Fire by Amazon that is eating away Samsung’s [...]

Yes, it is time for the launch of much-anticipated SAMSUNG GALAXY S III. Today, on 29th May 2012, Samsung is going to launch its human-centric smartphone Galaxy S III in 28 countries, including United Kingdom, France, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Europe and the Middle East and Africa. Of course, the company is not launching its [...]

Innovation is a never ending process.  It is innovation that lets the world meet with new technologies to be used for new requirements. One very fresh technology is 3D graphics, particularly on televisions and mobile phones. In last few years, with its introduction in movies and movie theaters, 3D technology has started to catch the [...]

Apps have captured the imagination of lots of smartphone users. They now prefer to spend more time on apps than mobile web. Nielsen recently released a report showing how smartphone owners are getting fascinated by apps and their abilities of being personalized.  Mobile market is shifting towards smartphone-only environment and the apps are the ones [...]

F-Secure recently released its quarterly report showing that malware trend has grown in terms of volume and sophistication from last year. It is hard to assess the nature of threats posed by malware but statistic by F-Secure shows a clear pattern, particularly for the popular malware target, Android. In first quarter of 2011, 10 new [...]

Imagine if all sorts of tickets could be available on your mobile and also imagine the potential benefits of this facility. Mobile ticketing is the way the future is heading towards and soon most tickets will be available on mobile devices. Mobile ticket applications can be developed for this purpose and these applications may also [...]

The news that Facebook will soon offer its own mobile app store can motivate many mobile application developers in developing applications. The app store by Facebook will offer mobile application just like other apps stores. The announcement came from world’s largest social networking site that they are going to roll out a mobile app store [...]

When comparing the first quarter of 2011 to the first quarter of this year, the worldwide sales for mobile phones have gone down to 2 percent. The decline in sales was caused by the slowdown in demand from the Asia/Pacific region; however the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5 is expected to improve the statistic, according [...]

Baidu, the most popular search engine in China, has launched its latest smartphone Changhong H5018, powered by its own mobile OS. With this phone, the company has targeted country’s low-end handset segment. The phone will be available at about $158 without a contract, according to company’s sources. It is the second device launched by Baidu; [...]

Windows Phone had been struggling with shortage of those apps that are easily available for iOS and Android Phones. Users always blame the companies for not releasing the versions of such smartphone apps for Windows Phone OS; however, LinkedIn, the major social networking site for professionals, has cleared itself from this blame by releasing its [...]