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A lot of rumors evoke about Google’s new tablet, a 7 inch device powered by Android Jelly Bean. It is Nexus 7 and may hit the market in July for $200, according to a leaked training document of Google. Google may announce its 7-inch Nexus tablet dubbed Nexus 7. According the leak document Asus is [...]

Time for Olympics is here and so is the time for apps for the games. iPad and iPhone developers appear to be true entrepreneurs and their amazing minds want to leave no stone unturned. This time they have grabbed the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games as their opportunity. These developers have brought some apps on [...]

Mozilla is planning to bring Firefox to iPad. The company recently showed off a prototype of iPad Mozilla browser named Junior. Although, Junior won’t be the first browser for iPad as lots of others – iCab Mobile, Dolphin, Mercury, Opera Mini, are already available, but it is likely to be the first one with a [...]

Microsoft has revealed how its tablet will look like.  The company has named its tab “Surface” and they run on Windows 8; the much anticipated OS by Microsoft. So do you think that Surface has the aptitude to be your next tab – or mobile PC? Microsoft will launch two models of Surface, one running [...]

If you are in Ethiopia, using Skype to call someone can land you a 15-year prison sentence. It’s the new legislation passed by Ethiopian government. The new law will consider the use of all Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, e.g. Skype, Google Voice a criminal offence, according to an Al Jazeera report. The legislation [...]

Nokia, the Finnish mobile manufacturer, is planning to launch three smartphones in India, this year. The launch covers its PureView model with 41 megapixel sensor camera and two others. Nokia’s Sriperumbudur based facility near Chennai would soon start the manufacturing and marketing of two new models of feature phone series Asha. It is expected that [...]

Biometric identity authentication techniques like iris recognition, fingerprint recognition and retina scan have been in use for so long but how about using a smartphone to verify you are, who you say you are? EyeVerify is going to launch a technology on iPhone in 2013 that will authenticate the user by reading the blood patterns [...]

Most of the popular mobile apps are based on the same set of common characteristics which make them elegant, effective, effortless and enjoyable. On the other hand, non-performing apps also follow some common pitfalls that make them stillborn. Here are the seven deadly sins of mobile design: Screen full of garbage Desiring more power in [...]

The title simply means I am talking about iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S3. Let me help you weigh up both speech recognition systems on the phones of titans – Apple and Samsung. Level 1: Call Zack Telling a phone-with-speech-recognition-system to call your friend Zack is surly not a big deal, at least in today’s [...]

(Red) a non-profit organization, Starbuck and Foursquare have partnered for a 10-day long fundraising and aids awareness campaign. They are raising funds through Foursquare check-in and lattes. In this campaign (continuing from 1 to 10 June), Starbuck is donating $1 to Global Fund that is being raised by (RED). It has been held for every [...]