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Ever since Samsung has launched Galaxy S III, it has sold more than 10 million units according to the president J. K. Shin. The sales figure suggests that Samsung will continue to dominate the global Android smartphone segment until another miraculous Android phone hits the market. The prediction was already made in June that the [...]

All you Olympic fans the games are about to begin. The coming weekend will mark the opening of London Olympic; the first ever summer games of the mobile era. Mobile era? Yes mobile era. The London games are attracting millions of internet-connected smartphone and tablets users. Their devices are supposed to get strong exercises as [...]

Outdoor navigation technology is available for almost half century and now phones also support triangulation, but those technologies are helpless in indoor navigation, e.g. in a big store or hotel. Indoor navigation is still a technical problem that hasn’t been solved. But don’t be hopeless and believe in the quote “Necessity is the mother of [...]

You can say it more than a rumor that Amazon is developing its own Android-powered smartphone. Accordingly to undisclosed sources, Amazon is closely working with a China based electronics manufacturing company Foxconn (Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd) to build the device. Amazon has also acquired patens to wireless technology to keep itself away from [...]

Rovio’s newest physics puzzle game – Amazing Alex is out in the market, but is it addicting like Angry Birds? Well it’s not. The game is available on both iTunes and Google Play. Amazing Alex is the rebranded version of Casey’s Contraptions. Rovio simply purchased the game and rebranded it rather than launching the new [...]

Which tablet PC is right for you? The question is simple but it has many answers to confuse you.  The first choice, of course, will be iPad. Many will want an Android or even a BlackBerry Playbook. Here are the key aspects that you need to consider when shopping for a tablet: Do you really [...]

In today’s digital era we are living in, tomorrow always comes with something new. Consumers change market or market changes consumers, but the cycle keeps on going. Here dedication to a brand doesn’t exist and what exists is experience that shift from good to better, to the best. It happens regardless of a brand or [...]

HBO’s streaming anywhere service HBO Go is now available on Android tablet too, but the requirement is that your device will be running on 4.06 (Ice Cream Sandwich). HBO Go has launched its Android version of the app on Google Android store. The app for Amazon’s Android-based Kindle Fire has already been launched in June. [...]

This piece of writing is dedicated to shoppers! IBM has recently unveiled an app that makes a creative use of augmented reality. The app helps you receive personalized product recommendations, tips and coupons by scanning store shelve via smartphone camera. It blends digital data with real world imagery and offers its benefits to brick and [...]

Many will say that Nokia has staked a lot on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8, but the company has a backup plan too. According to CNET reports, Risto Siilasmaa, the chairman to Nokia, said that the company has a backup plan in a situation where things go wrong. He stated it during an interview on Finnish [...]