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Google cleared its stand on Apple-Samsung patent verdict. The search giant cleared that most of the claims by Apple do not relate to the Android OS used in the Samsung mobile devices. However, Google has responded to jury that Samsung infringed Apple Patents, but Android cannot be linked to these infringements. Android is an open [...]

FBI has seized three websites that were allegedly selling pirated Android apps. Developers considered it as a positive step towards battling against online software piracy. The seized websites—, and—all now have been seized by the US government authorities. According to US Attorney General Breuer, cracking down the piracy of copyrighted works has [...]

The big question mobile developers are asking from one another is–what makes a good app? It is seriously a big question; however, many developers begin and end-up their mobile application development projects without knowing the answer. But unlike many questions, this one has got very precise answers. Here they are! Many developers mean creativity as [...]

Till the end of second quarter, four Android phones were shipped for every iPhone, according to the research firm IDC. The success of Samsung also turned Android into the most popular OS in the world. The Korean company helped Google’s OS extended its dominance in the global smartphone market. Samsung and other mobile manufacturers shipped [...]

Multiple user accounts are so far available in PCs, but soon Android devices will also have this feature. An enthusiastic developer has recently discovered this possibility in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.  The developer claims that factory images of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean suggest that the OS will have facility of multiuse accounts. A smartphone or [...]

Many people returning from a long journey start stressing about what they will eat for dinner when they get home. But unlike others, you would hardly need to see an empty fridge if you are a U.K traveler and going through Gatwick Airport to your home. Travelers at this airport have a chance to avoid [...]

Apple hasn’t revealed a release date of iOS 6. However, iOS 6 Beta 4 has arrived last week and the official version is expected to come in later September or early October. iOS 6 is an evolutionary mobile OS ever. It focuses on improving the existing features and integrated cloud services. Among various changes, Apple [...]

Mobile app development is an exclusive area of business nowadays. There are millions of apps across all smartphone app stores, but not all of them are popular. The reason is simple—developers of unsuccessful apps miss numerous things during the development phase. They can consider following tips: Don’t overdo it- You need to keep your app [...]

For now, RIM has an uncertain future, and the company itself doesn’t know whether it would ever be able to get the lost charm. Thorsten Heins, the current CEO in RIM, confessed in an interview that at one point of time, the company considered to dump their own Blackberry OS in favor of Android. He [...]

iPad Mini is still a rumor, but if Apple launches a device like this, it will kill Google Nexus 7. How? Here’s how: More Digital content —Apple already has more things to offer in comparison of Google. iTunes is gigantic and it offers more digital content. Apple’s TV offers more than half dozen leading channels [...]