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Google said that now Google Play too has more than 0.7 million apps for Android-powered smartphones and tablets. That means one thing—Google has matched Apple in the number of apps. It is challenging that it’ll soon lead in the race for software tools. So far the app-number was a key selling point Apple has been [...]

Last Friday, Microsoft’s Surface went on sale. The Windows-RT powered tab has excited most of the early adopters. The RT model runs on ARM processor which is mostly used in mobile devices. With this processor the RT version will not run any old Windows application. So if users need applications, they need to visit the [...]

After tons of rumors, Apple finally unveiled iPad min on Wednesday this week. It’s a fresh series of Apple devices with separate existence, and of course for a separate user-group. The new iPad mini is 23 percent thinner and 53 percent lighter than the third generation iPad. Featuring stunning 7.9-inch multi-touch display, the iPad mini [...]

Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany, and Philipps University of Marburg, Germany have released a report revealing that Android apps have staked the private information of as many as 185 million users. Their personal data or information is at risk because they are using Android apps. The report directly blames Android developers for poorly implementing Secure [...]

Hey Indian Android developers, here is good news for you! Now you too can submit paid apps on Google Play App store. Finally, Google has announced that Indian Android application developers can now publish their paid apps on the app store. They would also be able to sell in-app products and subscriptions. Google will pay [...]

What are the reasons behind the failure of a mobile game app? Actually, there is more than one reason. Here are some mistakes that mobile application developers should avoid while working on a game app project: The different approach Apart from thorough knowledge of platform and coding, what mobile games need from developers is commitment. [...]

Samsung has announced that US variant of the Galaxy S III will soon get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update. However, it hasn’t revealed the date as it said update will arrive “in the coming months”. It may be a strange announcement for many users as the device is going to get the OS update just [...]

What are the common difficulties when you visit a new city? You may lose ways, require sustenance, want inspiration or need an idea to explore places. In case you are visiting London and have a smartphone, you will have lots of options for each of the requirements. With right apps, a smart phone can turn [...]

We will soon see a tough fight between iPad and Windows 8 tablets. There may be a competition between both to carve their niches in the global market, and of course one will win, and other has to lose. But hold, can this seriously happen? It comes out after a close observation that these are [...]

Technologies don’t easily carve their place among people. They take time. Credit card and debit card payment technologies, for example, took almost two decades to become globally ubiquitous. They became popular because banks wanted to make them popular, but how a technology like NFC will be accepted globally if the smart phone giant-Apple will not [...]