Do you have answers for these questions before hiring a mobile application development company?

mobile application question and answer

From school & college attendees to working professionals, to businessmen, to self-employed, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have fascinated all. These smart devices help us easily reach our friends, colleagues, business-interests, partners and prospects. For many organizations and businesses, implementing mobile technology at workplace, through dedicated mobile application development, …

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…and your app has crashed!

Even if mobile developers have ensured greater consistency in their apps, these apps keep crashing regardless of platforms. Whether it’s Android powered smartphone or Apple’s iPhone, apps do crash in them.
Some devices are complained for crashing apps more than others. On the other hand, some users hardly face app-crash …

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What sucks your Android smartphone battery?

Many Android smartphone users complain that battery in their devices ends before the end of day. This of course turns them off because, no battery, no use of smartphone features. There are complains even for branded smartphones. So what exactly drains the battery of your Android smartphone? Let us try …

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Promote a movie through mobile game

mobile games to promote movies

Everyone loves playing games in mobile and many just don’t mind to pay a few dollars to purchase games of their choice. Unlike other devices that require a lot of duct tape and bubble gum to play games, smartphones and tablets are easiest yet the powerful devices to play any …

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The way to mobile application development

Your smartphone has sleek, shining body, highly responsive touch-screen, smoother navigation and simplest core-software, but they are not enough to make it a real smartphone. A smartphone can hardly sell itself as a smartphone if it doesn’t have sufficient applications. Take the example of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 OS powered …

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