April 2014

How did Android eat up market shares of other mobile operating systems? (Part – 1)

Google unveiled Android in 2007 and released the first ever Android device, HTC Dream, on 22nd October 2008, according to Wikipedia.com. Today, Android is one of the widely used operating systems for smartphones and tables. Let us….

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Building a mobile app? Do this, but don’t do this.

Future of commerce, market, communication and entertainment now belongs to mobile. By dedicated mobile app development most of the desktop based computing operations can be brought to mobile platforms. Many businesses realize this truth, and thus they….

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Which one is the best between Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s for the business use?

Galaxy S4 has always been the best of the business phones and the latest one in Galaxy S series, the Galaxy S5 also confirms the same because more and more people are adopting it for their day-to-day….

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Apps help people solve real life problems.

If you love mobility, you cannot live without apps. Apps are now the vital part of your daily computing need. Whether you want to send a full reply for an important email or searching a restaurant in….

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Different types of social networking applications

It’s hard to attempt to list the types of social networking applications; still, we can at least count a few of them. But before this, do we know it clearly that what social networking is all about?


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The best of the mobile-world information by Rapidsoft Technologies (April)

It matters that who is mobilizing your enterprise app.

We shared that how a mobile application developer is responsible for making a project successful or unsuccessful. Explore more…
Is your iPhone 5S getting slower? Here are ways to make….

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Quick tips to speed up an Android phone.

The Android smartphone you used to love is now deadly slow. Once it was fast like a rocket but now it kills you. Whatever you want to do in your phone, the response is slow and every….

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What is holding a company back to go for mobile application development?

What is still holding some companies back to go mobile while a number of others already have dedicated applications for their business operations, and they are performing well too? So where is the problem area and what….

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It matters that who is mobilizing your enterprise app

Every mobile application development company offers quick ways to mobilize existing enterprise apps and of course, it’s noticed by industries too. But it isn’t significant that mobile developers are offering best of the app development service-ranges –….

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