May 2014

Trends in enterprise mobile application development

A number of organizations and businesses have begun to adopt online trends in enterprise mobility to stay competitive and gain advantages over their competitors; however, the full potential of mobile technologies is still being realized by mobile….

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Why Android application development is a must for your business?

A large number of iOS programmers have switched to Android application development due to its openness and easiness.  The platform has turned out to be gigantic…

Should we not be thankful to Google for creating Android? As a….

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The Rising Demand of Android Application Development

It is the world of Android, the smartphone OS by Google itself. This is nowadays powering millions of smart devices. With a worldwide visibility, it is no more a hype that Android is the operating system of….

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Common mistakes in mobile game development projects

The approach you need.
A mobile game development project wants a commitment from developers . All projects are expensive, tiring and demanding. Whether it’s lone developers or investors, they both will need enough time, energy and of course money.
Sound makes….

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Scopes in online retailing through a mobile app development

We have just begun to explore the universe of m-retailing and also learned that it’s infinite. It has scopes beyond one’s imagination. All a retailer needs to do is form a right mobile app development strategy to….

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Statistics helping you decide between Android app development and iOS app development.

It’s really a dilemma to decide one between android app development and iOS application development or to prefer one over other or to go with both.

Let us help you with following data to easily come to a concrete….

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The bigger the iPhone, the more the work for iPhone developers to do in apps.

It’s now almost sure that Apple will increase the size of iPhone’s display and so the work for iPhone developers will be increased too. has referred a report from 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman. However, this report is….

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The trends of making money on mobile platforms

App stores like Google Play and iTunes have hundreds of thousands of apps, from simplest puzzles created by hobbyists to million-dollar enterprise apps that are strategically built by professional mobile application development firms.

Today’s mobile app development market….

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Differences between hiring a mobile software development company and an individual mobile developer

Businesses in need of mobile application developers often encounter the difficulty of choosing one option between an app development company and an individual mobile developer. Hiring right developers is a critical decision for any mobile app project, regardless….

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5 ways to take a mobile app development project towards success.

Mobile app development is in the air! Businesses just can’t live without it. From B2B to B2C, to B2E, today every online business-type needs a mobile app development to stay in its niche. Mobile apps are totally unavoidable…..

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