Business are investing much more in mobile apps

According to the survey conducted by Red Hat, 90 percent of companies have plans to increase investment in mobile application development by the end of 2016. The respondents of this survey said that they will increase the….

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Retailers are Introducing New Reasons to use Mobile Phones in Stores

Retailers around the world are discovering new ways of implementing mobile apps. Apart from showcasing products / services to be bought online, a retail app can help users in guiding through the store they are seeking products….

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2 Things you should keep in mind while hiring a web app development company

Quality is the main factor by which programming of the web apps can be judged. Of course, the presentation of these apps to the whole world does also matter. The popularity of web apps is rising day….

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Top reasons why you cannot ignore Android application development

Today it is impossible to ignore the world of Android. Its creator is Google, the search engine giant that is leading the internet for about one and half decades. With more than 50 percent market share, Android….

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Do you know about hybrid mobile app development?

Launching a mobile app development is best of the steps a business can take to instantly capture the attention its audience. If users like the app, install, and keep it in their devices, it will stay there….

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Here are the top 5 Android app development frameworks

Android app development frameworks are wonderful. Apart from simplifying the process, they reduce the cost of development to bottom. Also, these frameworks are best tools when it comes to designing and developing cross platform Android apps.


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