July 2016

The Interesting Figures You Need To Know About Smartphone Trends

Do you know everything about smartphone revolution taking place right now? This blog shares some interesting data, comparisons and updates about the latest trends in smartphone market over the world. Here we go:
Smartphones Vs. World Population

Numbers for….

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How To Create Right UX Making An App Stand Out Of The Crowd?

Mobile app development has turned quite competitive these days. Unless an app delivers fantastic user experience (UX), it will not reach the desired level of success. So what exactly is required to create an amazing UX that….

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Mobile Apps Are Reshaping The Travel Industry

Do you know that among all categories, apps for tourism are the 7th most downloaded app-types on the App Store and 9th most downloaded app-types  on Google Play? Tourist apps are now all set to make remarkable….

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Google’s Apps Spotted To Perform Better On iOS Than Android

Google has a range of its own apps such as Gmail, Google+, Google Search, YouTube, Inbox, Calendar, Gboard, and lots of others. But few of them have been spotted to perform better on iOS. People owning iPhone….

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Phonegap Mobile App development – Advantages and Disadvantages

PhoneGap is a widely used technology for cross platform mobile application development. It’s recommended for those app projects which have to be developed in a cost effective manner. The single code base can be used for creating multiple….

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4 Benefits Of Android Application Development For Businesses

An Android application development can surely be beneficial for your business in more than one way. If you want to reach the mass, Google’s Android help you smartly do that. This smart device, touch screen enabled platform….

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