June 2017

Rapidsoft’s latest app development – UWQ – for one of its clients goes places

If you are a hardcore wrestling fan, Rapidsoft has already developed an app for you. Rapidsoft, for one of its clients, has recently finished up the development of the app – Ultimate Wrestling Quiz (UWQ) for those….

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Best Of The Feature To Be Added To A Yoga App

Are you a yoga instructor and planning to launch a yoga app to extend your reach? Indeed it’s good move because apart from extending your reach, you can also make money from your app. Here, in this….

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The best of the engagement tips making your app climb the ladders of success

Is your app engaging enough so that it can keep users glued to it for hours? No matter what’s your app type and what industry it’s targeted to, its success is decided when it succeeds to content….

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Reasons why the web still beats native for data-driven apps

People prefer to use smartphones for most of the general computing tasks. Even the sales of smartphones have long before outnumbered the sales of desktop PCs. Does that mean the desktop is near to its end?

As per….

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