What is Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is on the rise! Here, in this infographics, we are going to share some pretty interesting trends of the technology of augmented reality along with a brief history about how it actually began. 

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Everything you need to know about Tez – the payment app by Google for India

Now Google too has joined India’s mobile payment club with its own mobile payment app, Tez. Don’t confuse the Tez with a Paytm-like app which is actually a wallet service. Tez is more like UPI based PhonePe….

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Why you should build your e-Commerce store with Magento

If you run a retail store and want to sell online, technologies are already available to easily design and develop an e-commerce platform. It’s also not a big deal to find the best of the e-commerce website developers….

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How to effectively implement voice-first strategy in a mobile app development

More and more businesses and mobile app development companies are now choosing the voice-first strategy for their apps. This post covers the five essential tips helping in creating the voice-first mobile app development strategy.

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