November 2017

How to Integrate Payment Gateway In A Mobile Application

For a retail store going online on mobile platforms, the most vital thing, apart from focusing on the design, is the payment gateway integration. Of course, the successful payment gateway integration requires a lot of efforts and, it’s completely….

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What Is The Difference Between RAM And ROM?

Often time, people aren’t able to make a difference between RAM and ROM; however, they are quite apparent. RAM is a temporary type of memory chip while ROM is a permanent storage.

Most of the common users aren’t….

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5 latest tips for designing a successful mobile app

The use of desktop for general computing tasks is gradually decreasing. Of course, smartphone has become the first screen device for regular users. More than 50 percent of the internet users over the world are already using….

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What is the cost of an iPhone application development?

Whether you are an iPhone developer or a business setup which is going to hire an iPhone developer, you should have an estimate of the cost for iPhone application development project. You must consider about the cost of….

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The Best of the Apps you need to have while traveling to Dubai

Are you going to Dubai? But, have you got the travel apps that will make your tour to Dubai easier?If you have not installed any such app, let me present a list of those travel apps which….

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What is geofencing and how does it work?

What is geofencing?  As the term itself suggests, Geofencing is a sort of fencing for mobile devices or RFID tags when they enter or exit the boundaries created virtually by the geo fencing technology. The geo-fencing technology can….

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