3 Infallible Tips To Succeed In Any Mobile App Venture

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Apps need to deliver unique experience to succeed. Their developers have learned what works and what doesn’t. Because their published apps are doing already well on app stores, they have discovered the best of the things to do during a mobile app development. Here are 3 fundamental tips based on their suggestions:
#1 – Don’t begin an app development before getting the advice of a UX expert


Every app development begins with a fantastic idea. But, will it equally be fantastic as an end-product? It depends wholly on the user experience an app delivers to users. Expert developers know this truth and thus they are clever at inventing desired user experience. But in many cases, where UX isn’t paid the required attention, the apps turn out to be inconvenient to users.
Developers need to follow the recommendations made by UX expert. Also, a detailed research is required to be conducted for understanding how human-computer-interaction can be supplied to your app. If your designers do not hold this expertise, you can hire UX experts to do this. They can assist you and your development team to add killer user experience to your app to justify the investment.
#2- Graphics is as important as coding and in many cases more than coding 


First of all, don’t confuse UX with graphics or UI. They both are separate things. But an app will not survive without both UX and UI, and they need to be better than the best at their domains. You need to make sufficient investment in graphics or UI portion of an app because it’s going to be the first thing any user will see for the first time. Regardless of a platform, graphics or UI need to be appealing as well as living up to the norms of a particular platform. Great UI naturally attracts great users who use an app for long time and of course keep refer it to their family and friends. The UI should be created by expert graphics designers who have profound skills in the languages of graphics, colors, color-combination, color-psychology, look & feel, etc.
# 3- Timely Acknowledge user-reviews, make improvement to app accordingly

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If you have your an app, you should keep your eyes on what users are talking about it because, what users are talking about it will make difference to everything an app is aimed at. Smart users first read the reviews before downloading an app and they read more than one of them. The more your app has bad reviews, the more users will be distracted. Less number of download means less revenue. Low rating means no downloads and no chance of getting to hit lists. Read each of the reviews and spot the areas where users are facing problems. Try to improve them as quickly as possible. In case of an Android app, you will certainly get reviews of such users who will say that their devices aren’t supporting the app. Provide them support by customizing the app. Once you learn how powerful force reviews are, you will also learn how apps climb up to the ladder of success…

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