4 Benefits Of Android Application Development For Businesses

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An Android application development can surely be beneficial for your business in more than one way. If you want to reach the mass, Google’s Android help you smartly do that. This smart device, touch screen enabled platform by Google is now used in more than 80 percent smartphones and 60 percent tablets all over the world.

Android application development
So Android is indeed dominating the market with a strong presence and businesses can take some best of the advantages of this presence. With a custom Android application development, you too can take your business on this Google’s OS. Here are 4 key benefits of owning an Android app for your business:
Ideal For New Businesses To Interact With Customers
 The channel to reach the products or services offered by your business should be easy and open. If people need to buy pricey devices to reach your offerings, your business goal will not be  achievable. Take the example of a shopping store which goes mobile only by launching an iOS app and doesn’t give any value to include Android app with its app portfolio. But iOS app will not provide desired number of orders to the offering and ultimately the business will sell less.
Remember that  iPhone is used by only 15 out of every 100 people and iPad by only 25 out of every 100 people. So if you still think an iOS app will be enough, you will of course miss 85% of customers coming via others smartphones and 75 of customers coming via other tablets.
No need to invest in development tool
Google provides Android OS for free. The company doesn’t charge anything for using its OS. Same is the case with Android application development for which tools & technologies are open source and available for free. So while building an app for the platform, it is possible to keep expenditures as low as possible. Developers cannot charge fees for using tools and technologies provided by Google as they all are available free of cost. They would only charge the development fees.
Free to choose distribution channels
Google allows you to distribute apps from any medium you like. There is no coercion that you have to put your app on Google Play store for its distribution. You can distribute it on your own or put it on other app distribution platforms. If you want to mobile your internal enterprise operations and do not want to launch app on store, Android gives you this freedom. Still, the will work as same as one downloaded from Google Play
But it’s not possible with iOS app. There is no way you can legally install an iOS app in iPhone or iPad from a source other than the App Store.
Android is Open Source and have full suite of business-level tools
Android is open source and, it’s one big advantage why businesses around the world want Android apps. They won’t need to pay any money over licensing or royalty and still, they have the full access to a mobile OS which runs in most of the smartphones and tablets over the world.
Apart from this, Google has already optimized its entire software suite to run perfectly on Android devices. From Gmail to GDoc, to Drive, to Maps, to Hangout, to lots of others, everything can now be accessed over an Android device.
These are the top 4 benefits of Android application development and no business can ignore them.

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  1. I think the best reason to adopt android app is the sheer lead in market. There are so many more android devices as compared to apple devices worldwide. There are maximum chances that your customers will turn out to be android users.
    Apart from that there are several other reasons like open source software, free availability of SDK, easy approval by Play store, secured usage, etc which are already mentioned in the post. Good work with the post by the author.

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