50 Best and Innovative App Startup Ideas!

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The successful app startups are based on the best of the app ideas! It’s not that luck pushed them toward the success or they were early birds in the market. In fact, successful app startups are based on the well-carved app ideas that offered users something others failed to do.

The success app ideas is determined by the value it adds to users’ lives. This is what makes the startup standing out of the crowd and constantly growing.

On the flip side, there are more failed app startups than successful ones. And it’s their app ideas that make them failed or successful. So, everything begins with an idea!

Are you also searching app ideas or app startups? If yes, then this post is just for you! We have carefully selected top 50 app ideas and created the following list, “50 Best and Innovative App Startup Ideas!”

1. Virtually Trying Objects best app ideas.

AR Jewellery

The AR technology is now fully matured to let you virtually try various objects, from furniture to jewelry, and come to a decision whether an items suits you or not. For example, a ready-made furniture manufacturer can design an app that allows its customers to virtually place furniture items like table, chairs, or sofa in their spaces before they actually buy these items.

A jeweler can design an app that allows customers to virtually try jewelry on their neck, nose, ears, or wrists. Mobility with the augmented reality technology has limitless possibilities in multiple domains.

Image Courtesy: Intel

2. Graphical Reservation System app startup ideas

People reserving restaurant-tables online or in an app often stay in doubt till they reach there. They do not know where the reserved tablets can be located in the restaurant. At the restaurant end – because customers will reserve tables online – there is a possibility that staff allots them tables that do not let them feel the best of the experiences of the moment.

graphical restaurant reservation

Customers wish if they could pre-visit the area in the restaurant they are going to reserve particularly if they are throwing a party. Thank god we have mobility at our rescue. Mobiles can provide a graphical /3D layout of an establishment to help customers find the best seats/places available in a restaurant. The same system can also help movie theaters which can allow customers to provide a graphical /3d layout of seats and, how movies will look from a particular seat. Customers will be able to choose the best seat out of all.

Businesses investing in the app startup ideas can work together with restaurants or movie theaters as a third party service provider.

Image Courtesy: Istanbul. Intercontinental

3. Real Time Voice Translation app ideas 

However, this idea isn’t completely new because a few implementations already exist but a business can still invest in a real time voice translation app that helps people easily interact with non-native speaking people. Furthermore, the app can be added with the real-time text scanning and translating feature that overlays translated text right on the source.

4. Part Time Job Finder best app startup ideas

part time job finder app startup ideas

There are hundreds of jobs in a city people can work for a few hours and make money. A startup app can be developed to allow people creating part time requirements for those people who are interested in temporary jobs to earn some money and continue with their regular courses.

Image Courtesy: The Economics Times

5. Book Reviews and Recommendations best app startup ideas

book review app

If you love reading books and keep searching new ones, an app can help you instantly read reviews & recommendations just by clicking a picture of a book’s cover, search for it, and buy it online. Also, the app can suggest other books based on similar themes. Some book platforms are already using the idea.

6. App For Elderly People best app ideas

apps for elderly people

Elderly people need additional care due to their age. Apps can help them live a trouble-free life. These little programs can guide them plan and schedule their daily activities, get reminders about taking medicines, paying bills, custom diet plans, exercise, simplifying the order placing and taking deliveries and a lot more. In fact, every app has scope of adding elderly mode which present completely simplified version of an app.

Image Courtesy: Stannahstairlifts.co.uk

7. App For Bartering best app ideas


Many of us have merchandises that we once buy but then don’t use and put in closets. Why don’t you begin an app startup that lets people exchange things for other things? An app bartering things, like clothes, gadgets, toys, and tools has a strong potential of being successful.

8. An App For Language Learning With Context And References 

learn work references

Learning a foreign language isn’t easy. You can forget the meaning of words even after learning by heart. But if you can learn words with real-life contexts and references, you can memorize them forever. An app can do this quite smartly. These sorts of app startup ideas can offer learning contexts and references created with text, audio, and video.

9. Search For Objects By Photos app startup ideas

search by photos

This can be one of intelligent app startup ideas. People would enjoy an app that delivers the searches just by clicking the photo of an object. Point your camera via the app at an object and tap search button and then the app will deliver general search results along with online store options where a user can by the searched item.

10. Recipes Based On Ingredients best app ideas

recipe app
If you want to cook something by following a recipe, you need to include all the ingredients it’s asking for.  Maybe, you end up adding add many such ingredients that add to your weight or fat. How about a recipe app that offers you recipes based on the ingredients you specify so that you can stay with your health or, diet regime and still enjoy good tests.

Image Courtesy: Envatousercontent.com

11.  Remind Me App startup ideas

reminder app

People keep forgetting about things that they have to do routinely. It’s a common habit. But in some cases, we don’t have to forget, like taking medicines on time. We don’t want to forget our favorite TV show or movies being telecast. But we forget. What about an app that helps people easily set alarm for a specific day or time with a short notification that tells them to take an action? Adding voice command feature will help people will setting reminders just by telling to the app.

Image Courtesy: Wired.com

12. Wish A Birthday at 12 O’Clock app startup ideas

happy birthday

You can introduce a simple app-startup to the market to help people set and send birthday wishes on specific day at 12 o’clock. The app can also add links to customized birthday cards. These sorts of startup ideas have high chance of success due to their high acceptability among youths.

13. Find A Donor Or Donate Blood app ideas

An NGO engaged in healthcare and well-being can launch an app that brings blood donor and blood recipient on a single platform and simplify blood donation. Both recipient and donors will be able to make their profiles mentioning blood groups, locations, and contact details. The app can also suggest recipients with donors available in their nearby locations.

14. An App For Pushing A Hobby And Finding Like-minded People

We all have hobbies. Some people perfectly utilize their spare time in realizing their hobbies. What if you can connect like-minded people having similar hobbies? This can be a great social app that brings those people together who share similar hobbies. The app can feature video and like button, and popularity function similar to Facebook.

15. AR/ VR Enabled Tours & Travel App best app ideas

ar tourism

When traveling around a foreign land, it’s not easy to find places worth visiting. On the other hands, there are hundreds of places in every city that can be visited to have memorable experiences. A startup app created for this idea will help people come across the pinpointed tourist spots, restaurants, and other popular things that users can visit and make their tour memorable.

When using AR technology, the app can provide necessary information just by scanning a place via camera or you can even watch the entire city map from an aerial view.

Image Courtesy: Thinkmobiles.com

16. All In One Social App  startup ideas

social media app platform

Many people are crazy about social apps, but they often struggle in switching from one social app to another and wish for an app that provides them access to their social accounts from a single platform. This is a real problem. Why don’t you launch an app startup that provides access to all major social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, from a single app. The app can be realized for Android OS because it allows this sort of customization.

Image Courtesy: Macepromotions.com

17. Selfie Competition app startup ideas

selfie competition app

Selfies have taken over the world! People have crossed all limits to click a perfect selfie. You can transform this craze into a competition and launch an app startup that allows people to compete for their selifies on the basis of likes or comments.

18. AR Based Food Health Benefit And Disadvantage Detection App

healthy food scanner

It can be an app that instantly informs users about the number of calories they will consume simply by scanning a food item or its wrapper or a drink and its bottle through the camera. It will generate a personalized report and inform about advantages and disadvantages of consuming a specific food or drink. Startup wishing to enter the health & fitness domain can launch this type of application.

Here is the Mobile phone company Huawei’s advertisement of its “Calorie Calculation App”. My idea is coincidentally similar to this.

19. An App Informing People That This Parking Spot Is Empty Best App Ideas

Parked cars on the parking

This idea will become interesting when the people leaving parking are rewarded for informing others that a parking spot has just been emptied. The app will detect the device location of users and, with little intelligence added to it it, the app can guess where exactly that location is. As far as rewards are concerned, people love to do things when they are rewarded for doing them. The startup can tie-up with companies for a social cause and provide discounts vouchers that can be redeemed by users after they achieve certain points.

20. Pregnancy To Birth best app ideas

pregnancy app ideas

From pregnancy to birth, mothers need to stay informed. Also, they need to know about foods and other tips that will help their babies grow healthily. An app can be launched that shows a baby’s growth week by week and offer informational articles about the important steps a pregnant mother should take. There are limitless scopes with an app of such sort.

21. Invitation Cards best app ideas

invitation app ideas

You can launch an app startup that sends all sorts of digital invitations; from a marriage to a birthday party, from a ring ceremony to an inauguration function, and from an anniversary to a casual party. Receivers will receive the invitation in the form a text message along with a link promoting them to download the app and see the message in graphically-rich format. The app can allow users to choose from a wide range of ready-made templates which they can edit for their occasions.

22. How To Launch A Startup Best App Idea

Do you know everything about launching a startup, from project preparation to market research, to legal registration, to financial advice, to business tips &consultancies etc? Then use this knowledge of yours and launch an app that helps people launch their own app startup!

23. Product Review And Rating app startup ideas

You can launch an app platform where every sort of product / and service can be rated and reviewed. The app will help consumers come to the decision to buy a particular product.

24. T-shirt Designing app startup ideas

t-shirt designing

T-shirt designing is a rapidly growing domain. A startup can take the advantage of this opportunity and launch an app that allows people to design custom t-shirts, then send them for printing, and get them delivered to their homes. The app will have graphics and tools that people can apply for designing their own t-shirts and also import read-made graphics and use get them to get printed on their t-shirts.

25. Life Hack best app ideas

Life hacks work! No doubt many don’t, but some really do. An app startup can be created around life hacks that make people’s life easier. Also, people can contribute their own life hacks that other people can try, rate and review. Top life hacks can also be rewarded. It’s going to be an interesting app startup if developed by creative minds.

26. Anti-smartphone Addiction app startup ideas

 Anti-smartphone addiction app startup ideas

Smartphones have so many advantages, but some people have become addicted to these phone to such an extent that they have stop living their lives in the physical world. For them, their smartphone is their world. An app can help smartphone-addicted people do not overly use their phones.

27. Book A Repair Online app startup ideas

You can launch a startup app that allows people to book repairing at home online. A business model can be developed that provides general home appliances repairing through the mobile app booking.

28. Story Maker 

What about an app that lets people add their thought for a story and develop it further. The idea is that the app will offer only the opening of a story with few lines or a paragraph and then leave it on users how they add to it with their own imagination. There will also be the end of the story but it will end only when the admin believes that it can now be ended.

29. Yoga For Staying Healthy app startup ideas

yoga apps

Facing health difficulty and want to treat it through Yoga?  This is an interesting app idea that will allow people to input their health issues and then get suggestions of the best yoga to practices. The app can also include short videos helping people performing with yoga right techniques.

30. Always Fortunate app startup ideas

What you think you become. This is what this app startup idea is all about. You can create an app that helps people make feel fortunate all the time. The app makes people feel lucky and stay satisfied so that they can stay in a positive frame of mind and grow.

31. Where Is My Egg? – A Gaming App startup ideas

If the idea is converted into an app, it can come out as an interesting game. There are hungry crocodiles who want to eat eggs. But there are also some crocodiles who are suffering from bad health. The user has to throw eggs to crocodiles when the open their mouths. They are so impatient as they are moving left to right which makes targeting eggs to their mouths a bit difficult. But the challenging part is that when a healthy crocodile opens its mouths, a bad-health crocodile close to it may also open its mouth. This makes feeding eggs to a healthy crocodile a bit difficult. If a bad-health crocodile eats eggs, it makes negative scoring.

32. Which Plant Is This? – An App With AI plant scanning app startup ideas

plant scanning app

You can launch an app startup that scans plants using the device’s camera and provides details about them. The app will use AI to provide details about plants and understand differences in plant-breeds.

33. Make Up App For Women app startup ideas  

make up app

There are a variety of make-up styles applied by women around the world. The make-up app will help women learn these styles through tutorials, manuals in the form of text or video. Also, they can share their photos and get reviewed by others who have already applied same styles.

Image Courtesy: Invisible.toys

34. What To Cook Today? app startup ideas

The biggest question at the time you cook is – what to cook today. The app will help learn from your own interest and suggest the best recipes to be tried. Also the app will provide notifications about required ingredients a day to two before you will apply a recipe.

35. Grocery App For Small Grocers app startup ideas

It’s a simple online grocery e-commerce app that a startup can launch and provide to small-medium grocery stores. The app can be provided on monthly subscription basis. The grocery store owners will be able sell their products and to get payment online.

36. Book A Barber app startup ideas

Similar to grocery app, a startup can also be launched for booking barbers online. The app can be provided on monthly subscription basis to local barbers who are interested in taking advantages of the mobility and grow.

37. Book Laundry Online app startup ideas

A startup app can be launched to help laundry shops providing their customers an online mean of booking laundries and get them delivered at their homes. The app can be provided to small-medium laundry shops on a monthly subscription charge.

38. Alert For Discounts And Offers app startup ideas

Everybody wants to buy products at discounts & offers. People keep searching products available on discounts and offers. An app startup can be launched that alerts people for discounts and offers available on their favorite products. People can also choose products from the app and set alerts for the arrival of specials deals. The app will also showcase all products available for specials deals.

39. An App To Find Rented Appliances, Equipment and Tools etc app startup ideas

You can build a startup app that makes home appliances, equipment, and tools available for rent. People can select their locality and explore items available for rent. Also, they go by an item and find providers who are providing it for rent.

40. Dream Meanings and Sharing app startup ideas

We all dream and we try to mean them. No doubt, meaning dream is a pseudo science, but people still want to know if their dreams have any connectivity with the real world. Help them doing this through an app. Also, the app can share dreams, get reviews, and comments of others having similar dreams.

41. Resume Making app startup ideas

A simple app that takes a user’s inputs, such as their name, phone number, email, summary of roles, previous jobs, duration, and details of employers and then creates a resume. Users will have ways to try from multiple templates and export the created resume to local storage or send it in mail.

42. App for Tailoring Clothes app startup ideas

If converted into a reality, this app can be a good startup app idea. Users will use the app to get well-fitted outfits stitched. The app can provide several options, such as they can buy raw clothes at affordable rates. They will choose from different cloths-stores suggested on the basis of ratings and reviews. Clothes will be mentioning properties like materials, colors, patterns, designs, flexibility, and there will be ratings for each property. Users will be able to find good materials.

The app will also help users find a good tailor. Again, tailors will be listed on behalf of reviews and ratings provided by previous customers. They can book a tailor and send the bought materials directly to a chosen tailor. Upon stitching, the tailor will send the ready clothes to be delivered on the door step of a customer.

43. Green Signal For Ambulance app startup ideas 

When there is a medical emergency, a minor delay in taking a patient to a doctor can be a matter of life and death. Unfortunately, cities across the world are heavily crowded with thousands of vehicles on roads. There are traffic jams which often cause hours of delay in case of emergencies. In result, people lose their lives. An app can help emergency-vehicle drivers sending alerts and turning all traffic signals falling in his way green.

However, the app alone won’t do anything. Cities do not have that wireless traffic single controllers. The app would require huge implementations to become a reality. These sorts of app startup ideas cannot be realized without government support.

44. Virtual Reality Real Estate app startup ideas

Allow people to virtually visit a property they want to buy and occupy on rent. You can launch an app idea that helps property dealers and real estate agents to showcase their property in 3D Virtual Reality view that customers can see through an app. The app will help property dealers and real estate companies to serve more clients without even taking them for a physical tour.

Image Courtesy: Lookingglass.services

45. Movie Finder 

An app startup can be launched that helps people find movies of their choices just by opting to interests. The app will search from several mediums and inform people that movies of their choices are available on a particular platform.

46. Drive Safely In Lane and Get Rewarded

drive in lane

If realized, it is going to be an interesting idea. There would be external hardware that can accurately measures a vehicle’s orientation, variations in the speed, lane shifts, and send this data to the app in the user’s smartphone. The app then cross-checks users’ maneuvers taken during the ride for the actual traffic-conditions during that timings and score their rides. There can also be some rewards that encourage users to use the app and drive safely, in lanes.

The app will help in managing traffic as in most of the cases, jams are created because people keep changing their vehicles lanes.

47. Product Expiry Date Notification App

Every product, from foods to medicines to groceries to cosmetics, has an expiry date. But we cannot keep tabs on each pf them. An app can be created that allows you to input the expiry date of an item and, when the item is near expiry, it starts sending alerts. This will help people stay away from any sort of risk.

48. What To Wear 

what to wear

It will help people in wearing the best of the clothes according to weather or their preferences. Also, the app can suggest places to buy these clothes online and offline. These sorts of app startup ideas can be associated with online cloths stores as well.

49. Price Comparison For A Product From Different Brands

You can launch an app that lets people compare prices of a product from different brands. Also, the comparison includes features and informs about a particular product doesn’t have these features. This will help people buy the best products at the best prices.

50. Painting Competition 

Launch an app startup for the painting competition. Artists can publish their work and let it be evaluated by others. This will help them learn more as well as refining their own work. Also, the app can occasionally launch competitions and reward winners. Participants can be asked to pay a fee to participate in the competition.

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