6 Best Analytics Tools For Mobile Apps

google analytics

With the rising trend of mobile apps, the demand of detailed analytics aiding developers discovering the trends and consumer-behaviors is also rising up. Developers need to collect the important numbers and then analyze them to form a new marketing strategy or make changes to current one.
There are a number of analytics tools for mobile apps that help developers discover various sorts of data like the number of downloads to their apps, the amount of money these apps brought to them and even the most recent opinions on the apps by users.
Before I detail you about these analytics tools for mobile apps, you need to know about tracking the right keys. Here are some basics about the things you will need to track:

  • acquisition — it denotes the channel users are coming from
  • activation — it denotes the initial experience of users with your app
  • retention — it denotes  all the users opened your app repeatedly after downloading it
  • referral — it denotes those users who shared the link from the app with positive experience to Facebook, Twitter and other social  platforms
  • revenue — It denotes a monetary expression of the user behavior

So when using analytics you have to keep in the mind the above mention keys to find the right thing at right place. Now let’s come across the best of the analytics tools for mobile apps:

Google Mobile App Analytics

google analytics
The Google Mobile App Analytics for Mobile App measures and optimizes user acquisition and engagement with mobile apps. Here are some of the advantages of using this tool:

  • The best of the mobile analytics tools with a variety of features
  • Easy to learn and find various metrics
  • Integration with Google Play for tracking conversions
  • Google keeps adding new things routinely

With this tool following reports can be generated

  • Acquisitions:  This allows you to find out new users. Discover where new users are coming from. How many session they went go trough and how much revenue was generated accordingly.
  • Users:  Here you can get details about new and returning users. Apart this, you can discover their locations and more
  • Engagement: This allows you to track events as you do in your website, create reports based on speed, crashes and exceptions.
  • Outcomes:  In the outcome section you can set up your goal and track conversation of the objectives. You can also discover the goal flow.

Price: Free
Platform Support: Android and iOS

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