7 Areas Where Internet Of Things Can Be Used To Make A Home Smarter

internet of things

When things are taken online, connected to the internet and can be interacted with sensors integrated in them for the betterment of our lives, they turn out to be the Internet of Things (IoT). Scope of IoT spans to a lot of applications; from home to automobile, to businesses, even to the whole city. Let us count some key areas where IoT is being implementing at our homes nowadays.

  • Now homes can be installed with smart thermostats like Nest for reducing your monthly energy usages to 30% less. These devices can do a lot of things when connected to the internet.
  • We often doubt whether we switched off the oven when we left the home. But now with the use of an IoT technology enabled power outlet like WeMo, you can instantly turn your appliances off not only from your living room but from anywhere in the world.
  • Do you misplace your keys and then search them all over the home when you need? Do you often do this? Cobra Tag can help you in this case. Sensor enabled tags can easily be attached with key or other stuffs and tracked via a mobile phones by ringing the tag.
  • Do you want to cool your home before you reach there? With Sensibo – a smart controller replacing regular remote control, the AC of your home can be connected with your mobile and you can switch it on or off whenever you want.
  • Apart from aiding you to remotely control and interact with your home appliances, gadgets and machines, IoT can also be utilized to take care of backyard lawn. HarvestGeek has set an example of nurseries where plants are being fed with the help of IoT. It has created a wireless plan monitoring system which is a sensor enabled suite connected to the web. It senses the actual growing needs and conditions for plant and automatically feed them based on these activities.

  • Phillip’s Hue is a lighting that welcomes you at home through detecting your Geo-location. It allows you to control your life from anywhere. You can even use it through mobile app to set casual, personalized lighting so that even when you are away from your home, you will feel like it home.

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