Here are the 7 Best Tips to improve Android app performance.

We love apps! We use these tiny software programs for a lot of reasons. And it’s also true that Google Play Store has more than one app for almost everything we want to do through our smartphone.  Android too has accelerated more Android application developments as Android powered devices are available in all price-ranges and because of this particular reason; Android smartphones are now in reach of everyone. Growing adoption of Android devices has certainly created more demand for Android apps. With rising number of Android phones, more and more developers have initiated Android application development projects.
But it isn’t easy to make a perfect Android app. A number of factors are there that affect Android apps and if a developer neglects any of them, consider the app is being pushed towards failure. Let us discuss some top of the tips that help you conclude a perfect and of course, a successful Android application development.

Choose the Screen Size and Resolutions carefully

A major issue to be copped up while working on Android app development is screen size. There are a variety of screen sizes due to different companies making smartphone with their own screen-details. It’s really difficult to devise a universal-type of app that supports all screen sizes. Here at this point, Android developers need to make sure that they choose a screen-size that isn’t functional only but also presents the app in the most flattering light possible.

Get advantages of Folder Structures

In any Android application development project, making good use of folder structure certainly pays off. With right folder structure, keeping code straight will be easier. Also it helps in smoother operation of the app.

Create perfect balance between White-space and Graphic Balance

Android apps use the right screen layout so that aesthetics can be kept bright and not overpowering. There must be relativity between the white space of your app and amount of graphics an app is using. Experienced Android app developers know how to manage all these things.

Take help of Graphical Layout Tool

Use GraphicalLayout tool to get faster previews of changes. It’s an XML editor that allows developers to quickly see changes in real-time.

Use Android Stock buttons carefully

When using various buttons in your app, the most important decision is that whether you should use stock ones or not. Experts in Android application development say that a developer should beware of stock Android buttons as they do not always best suit an app’s look & feel.

Slower phones test app better than faster ones

Fast phone delivers faster performance even if you are testing a dumb app. The real performance of an app is observable on slower phones. With testing an app on slower phones, developers would be able see all addressable issues.

Use the Android Lint Feature

While trying to discover app problems, right click on the project folder to open Lint. A diagnostic will be run that shows problem areas existing with your app.
These are some top moves you can take while working on an Android application development project.

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