8 Tips for a Successful Mobile Application Development

Think of a need and app stores have at least one app for it. They may have more than one too. From cardiac exercise to discover zodiacs & stars, to take care of puppies, to learn guitar, to video calling, to make a fake call, and to thousands of others, there are apps for anything that a smartphone can do. The adoption of smartphones and apps is such huge as it has almost outsold PCs and laptops. Market analysts and data research firms have predicted that future of general-purpose computing belongs to smart devices.

And just not the end users but this smart-device trend is influencing all, from small to medium businesses, to large corporations. Considering about mobile strategy and a dedicated mobile application development is supposed to be integral part of a business selling itself online.
Going with responsive design is an easy way to go online on both PC-web and mobile-web. It’s less expensive and can be quickly implemented with keeping the budget lowest possible. A simple code of responsive-design based mobile app development will run across PCs, smartphones, and tablets.
But a responsive design based mobile web application isn’t enough to mimic all the functions of a native mobile application development. HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript haven’t become as powerful as native programming languages. An app created using native mobile app development technologies can push information to users, adjust to slow internet connectivity, deliver appealing visual experience and even partially work offline. Apart from this, with innovation in cross-platform technologies, it has now become easier to use single code-base for multiple platforms. All it requires porting the code to multiple platforms.
However, using native technology and porting the code to multiple platforms ain’t mere things behind a successful mobile application development. The mobile app development is more like an art than science or technology. Of course, science and technology fuel this art. No argument.
An artistic approach even for science or technology can make it interesting. Here, ahead in this log of information, expert mobile app designers, developers, and market researchers have shared the 8 most useful tips for a successful mobile app development project. Let us learn these tips:

1. Make a Great Product

A good app is one that solves an issue at a time and does it very well. To prove an app better than others, the developer must try to add as much originality as possible. Whether it’s a productivity tool or an entertainment window, if it’s going to be a replica of another popular app, there would be no success. Apart from a unique idea, the app must be specially treated for both User Interface (UI) and User eXperience.

2.  Build it with Virality

Add a viral mechanism to the core functionality of the app. It’s a mechanism that just not engages the end-user but does also attract others. For now, social media is the best way that lets a user quickly tell to entire world that he is using the app. There may be several ways to create a viral mechanism. For example sharing the app on Facebook or Twitter lets users earn rewards and encourage them to share more.  On the other hand, create such functionality in an app where users can get their friends to use them, too. Instagram and WhatsApp are two better examples of adding virality to an app.

3. Dare not to forget Android

Now Android can’t be ignored. It’s really a gigantic platform and a developer ignoring it is really doing big mistake.  For now Google Android has a hold of 78-80 percent global smartphone OS market share. So if yours is only an iPhone app; make it an Android app too.

4. Don’t Ignore Small Markets

Even if you want to become one among the TOP 10 in US market, ignoring small markets in Asia and Latin America isn’t a  good idea at all. The truth is that now people in small market download more apps than people in big markets.

5. The Key is Marketing

Even if your app idea is super fantastic, users are not going to have a dream about it. You just cannot expect a million download in a week if you have not planned app’s marketing or promotion. Marketing is the key behind unlocking a product to success. Marketing and promotion can be started several days before the release of app. Rovio Entertainment did the same during launch of Bad Piggies.

6. …But Leave Expert Do it

There is huge fragmentation in mobile traffic and marketing providers and thus it is tough challenge to perfectly measure what someone is buying. Pay CPI (Cost Per Install) only and make it sure that a good share of what user buy isn’t incentivized

7. Keep track of everything

It’s good to keep track of what users clicking and where they experience difficulty in your application. Incorporate a tool that can keep track of everything done by users so that in future, you can improve app performance and add more features.

8. Make It Free

There are visibly more downloads to free apps than paid ones. Making paid apps isn’t the only way to monetize. Free apps can make more money instead. Because users like free apps, they download any app that is free and good. How developers can make money is locking some features of apps and then asking users to make an in-app purchase to unlock these features.

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