Android and Apple are sitting in a tree!

Ohh, Yes! These two titans of the smartphones industry are getting ready for a battle. Once again, an epic battle is about to start.
People have always asked about which mobile system has the more advanced users. Before searching for the valid answer, we would like to ask what makes the smartphone platforms so popular? The most obvious answer might be Apps. We can say, apps would be the biggest battleground for the Smartphone platforms, especially for iPhone and Android.
Both Apple and Google always try to boast of how many apps their respetive appstores have. Apple has more than 200,000 while Google has some 30,000. Among all these interesting apps, gaming and entertainment apps are mostly popular.
Meanwhile, we saw a few multiplatform game apps that can be ported to any platform. We can take the examples of “Skies of Glory”, “World of Warcraft”, “Final Fantasy XI”, “NOVA “and “Sandstorm”. It’s good to know that Android and iOS games can connect with one another. But, if we think about the features of the gaming apps, it would be a food-for-thought on which device will the users prefer. With that, the Smartphone market must split for some time.
So, we see a good enough reason that there will be an iPhone vs. Android arena at all times…

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