IDE – Studio 1.0 for Android application development released

Google’s Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is now available for Android application development. Although it was announced last year but its first stable version for Android developers was released on Monday. Google has made tons of improvements in Studio IDE since its early access preview was released at Google I/O conference in May 2013. The Studio 1.0 has better setup wizard that installs the required Android SDK and sets up development settings.

Google has coined the Studio as the official Android IDE. It is based on the powerful, extensible IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition that is already one of the most advanced Java IDEs available today.  Also, when Google introduced Android Studio to the Android application development industry last year, it promised that it would help developers quickly and productively finish-up Android apps.

When developers compared the Studio 1.0 with the previously used Eclipse IDE for Android application development, they noticed several new things. As recommended by Google, developers should use Eclipse with ADT to migrate their app development projects to the Studio IDE because the company is no longer developing ADT plug-in for Eclipse. No further development of ADT plug-in means no support for developing Android application in Eclipse.

Mobile software development community is praising the efforts of Google to facilitate Android developers.  They had also praised Apple in the past when the company released Xcode 3.1 with extended support to build iPhone applications.  The current Xcode software as an IDE also includes many tools to develop software for OS X and iOS.

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