Your Android application development needs to be reconsidered with Google’s new App permission system

If you are engaged in Android application development and do have an app out there on the Google Play, it’s time you rethink about the permissions that the app asks from users during its installation.

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Google announced Android M in its recently held I/O conference. However no release date has been finalized so far but its developer preview is available now. With the new version of Android, Google is going to implement new kind of app permission system. Unlike current way, the new system will provide users more control over apps accessing various features/functions of a devices with app-permissions.
With the new system, an Android application development having unnecessary permissions needs to the reconsidered. Now users will be able to detect whenever app is accessing functions of a device.
When users will download the app, they will no longer be asked to look at permissions at that time. Instead, Google will ask you to approve each of permissions individually when a particular one is tried to be called up by developer. Google has broken the permissions into 8 categories including location, camera, microphone, contacts, phone, SMS, calendar and sensor.
Until now, users have to agree on permissions to download an app but with the new system, this is going to change. Often time users do not thoroughly read the permission page showing up during the installation and allow unnecessary permissions.
Let’s applies this permission on What’s app. Now if you want to send a voice chat through the app, the device will show that the app wants to access microphone. The app will access the microphone only if it’s allowed by users. The app will ask this only for the first time accessing a function.

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