The best of the Android application development project management tips

There are certain techniques programmers professionally engaged in Android application development have been following to attain success. Android apps developed with the use of these techniques are seen to create enough buzz at the Google Play Store.
We bring the same tips as suggested by expert Android application development programmers. Learn them, apply on your app project and see how it goes closer to success. These tips are aimed at those developers who know programming but aren’t aware of actual process of developing Android apps. Let’s begin –
Give proper definition to your project or idea
The very first thing to begin the development is to decide on the objects you want to attain with the app. If you miss here or let an undefined idea reach at the development stage, it’s hard you will satisfy any one. This is the stage where designing, development and deployments related strategies are formed and the begun to work on.
Keep it documented
You have to keep each and every step of Android app development properly documented. Documentation covers things like creating wire-frame, deciding on functionalities, and a lot more. With a complete documentation right from the beginning, you will be able to eliminate all sorts of doubts in the development phase. You have to put every detail on the paper and confirm that all people belonging to the project accept it.
Start working on project only after formal sign-off
Before you as a developer begin developing Android app, make sure you have the formal sign-off ready. It’s not recommended you begin developing the project without completing this step. Also, it is vital you prepare all necessary documentations and proposals with keeping  ‘Change Request’ in mind.
Learn Google Play’s App submission guidelines

Make sure you know all the guidelines of Google Play Store for Android apps. The app has to abide by all the guidelines so that it does not get any rejection.  If you don’t know, first learn them and then start the development.
The vital development phase
The actual development of the app is the most vital phase. The lead Android developer takes responsibility to keep tabs on work progress and make sure nothing deviates from the set directions. This is the the phase of development where close attention over the process can save hundreds of hours.
Add engagement building aspects during the development
Making an Android app does not end at publishing it on the Play Store. In fact the real process begins here. It is another vital phase where you have to keep your customers busy and to do this, you will continuously need making changes. It’s also a part of marketing in which you have add new things that keep customers busy and engaged with your app.
Stay synced with clients throughout the development life-cycle
In spite of that project is on its track as planned, do not forget to stay in synced with clients throughout the life-cycle. It’s your responsibility to promptly respond client’s queries through the best medium possible. Good Android developers are those that keep clients informed throughout the development phase.
With these tips you as Android app developer will live up to the expectations of clients.

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