Android has sped up mobile market growth globally.

No doubt Android is the most widely used OS for touch screen devices. It’s open source and it powers the devices made by almost all vendors excepting Nokia and Apple (Although, Nokia launched a series of customized Android OS devices but didn’t get enough response).

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Its huge popularity has also influenced mobile app developers who are taking interest in this platform and building high-quality apps for it. Let us see how Android is a big success in today’s mobile market:
The beginning of the Android OS
The development of Android began more than 10 years back, according to original developers, Android Inc. Later, Google supported the company and then bought it in 2007. Within a year after taking over Android Inc and the OS, the devices powered by this started to show in the market. Google launched an app store – Market Place – in 2008 which is nowadays known as Google Play.
How Android became popular
Android became popular when Google gave it away for free. Because it is an open source mobile OS, there is no need of obtaining any license to use it. If you are a mobile device vendor, you too can use this OS and customize its features as per your requirements.
As Google doesn’t charge any fee for obtaining a license, mobile device vendors can also make low budget Android smartphones. Today, the market has more low-end devices than the high-end ones. This approach of Google revolutionized the market as about 80% smartphones and 62% tablets in use are running Android as the core software. Android is affordable thus it is loved by a large number of users over the world.
Also, the feature of openness has attracted enterprises which often need to customize the OS for various in-house operations in their business system.
Google’s policy to approve apps is quite flexible. If you fulfill minimum requirements of this approval policy, your apps are published without any delay. This encourages amateur mobile app developers to build apps without considering too much about the quality or performance prospects.
Will Android continue of lead the market?
Today, Android is world’s most popular and much adopted mobile OS. IDC recently reported that Android had captured 81.5% market share by the end of the Q4 of 2014 and in the first quarter of this year, it succeeded to maintain the share to 78.0%.
Apart from smartphones, Android powered tabs are also becoming popular among users. There is a big market of Android tabs. According to the report of Statista, 64.04% tablets in 2015 are running Android as the core software. Statista has also expected that this share will reach 64% by 2018.
That lets us conclude that the future of Android seems to be fairly bright. And since 2008 when the first Android smartphone was launched, this OS is continuously pushing the global mobile market up.

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