Android is a blaster hit!

It is NDK instead of SDK in Android Operating System. Yes, Google has recently released this Native Development Kit, version 1.6. It is an adjunct to the concerned Software Development Kit, to enable developers to generate and execute native machines within application solutions.

As Android is an open source operating system running on Linux Kernel, developers never face many restrictions during deployment and they can easily execute the code directly on the micro-processors of a device.
But the hype is in its NDK as a blaster kit that can allow rapid native application development to derive the results.

Android developers can use it as an ultimate tool as it can do heavy computations, digitized processes. The native code of NDK does not allow the application to slip out the sandbox of Operating System of Android.

When developers work on NDK 1.6, they find the full utility of the Kit. It can parse the properties and can find which platform it was targeted. Then, it will automatically generate libraries in the native code. All sources like C, C++ and Java can be placed under the same tree for easier editing.

Android 1.6 NDK has truly proved to be one of the most flexible open environment to work on for  the Developers and by leveraging on its NDK’s features they can develop more   intuitive and robust solutions. On the other hand, Symbian Developer and iPhone Developers have many plunges to attractive pool of thousands of Apps. Let’s see, what more can Android 1.6 NDK can bring to its users!

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