Android Lollipop is really sweet!

Android Lollipop is really sweet! It has improved not only aesthetically but also in terms of security and productivity. The new ways to view and respond to notifications are greatest improvements.  Lending out your device is now much easier as you do not need to worry about your private images or videos.

Android developers, who have tested Lollipop on Google’s brand new Nexus 6 phone, are pretty much contended. They suggest and even recommend no customization of the software at device-manufacturer end. Other Android powered phones can be as good as Nexus 6 if manufacturers stop tweaking the OS to make it their own. Too much modification does nothing but creates issues for both Android developers who have to customize apps for a wide range of devices because of getting it supported on tons of tweaked Android versions and for users who want uniformity even if their devices are from dissimilar manufacturers.
Here are the latest features a device with or upgraded to Android Lollipop will get:
Now notifications in Lollipop will show up in middle of the lock screen. You can expand, read and reply message from the lock screen itself. In case device is protected with passcode, you will be asked to enter it before you want to compose a reply.
If you don’t want any notifications, or want those from some particular apps, Lollipop allows you to do this too. You can also hide sensitive content quite easily.
You can receive notifications on priority basis from those apps you mark as priority. Also, you can choose to get calls or texts from particular contacts only. However, phone will not block receiving calls or message but there will not be any vibration or rings for that.
Many people keep passcode feature off as they too often need to use or connect their phones to other devices. With Lollipop, you can choose your phone to automatically unlock when comes in the range of your trusted devices like a Bluetooth enabled car or Android smartphone.
With multiple profiles, you can easily share your device without any fear of getting your personal contents being disclosed among family members or friends. You can set up to four profiles, each of them with individual settings, apps, contacts, etc. Also for apps, in spite of your friends are using your shared apps, each of them will progress separately. Your friends can also download apps without messing up our apps list. Apart from this, guest users can separately use their own emails or social app accounts.
Guest users will not be able to restore the phone to factory settings or wipe out data as it has been disabled. You can also allow or disallow guest users to call or text. But they can update your apps on your behalf.
Now with shortcuts in notification tray, it will be easier to access flashlight or enable airplane mode. A new “Cast Screen” button has been added that allows you to send video from your phone to Android TV streaming device that you can plug in any HDMI enabled TV.
Now Calendar app integrates with Gmail in order to turn flight reservation, concert tickets and other confirmation mails into calendar events. There are loads of other updates that will come with Android 5.0 Lollipop.

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