Android OS: Gingerbread gaining pace over Froyo

The latest Android OS version chart’s release showed that the market Froyo OS is falling and Gingerbread is gaining the market share. This chart enables the android developers to understand which Android OS platform to work on. The market for Froyo has been falling for months but the latest report showed that the recent downfall was not slow and the OS lost its market share and stands at 45% this month as compared to 51% during September.

This drastic fall is mainly due to the fact that Gingerbread is being used by many latest phones like HTC and as the OS result is pulled from Android Market. It is shown that people are more interested in downloading apps for this version of Android.
Android developers need to be on their toes to understand the market trend and customer’s choice and demand to be able to provide what is required in the market and change accruing to trend. This would not only make the customers happy but also make Android mobile platform top of the charts. With this latest information one thing is sure that Gingerbread is gaining pace and is recently in demand when it comes to people buying phones or downloading applications from Android market.

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