Android – It has been a reformer OS from beginning.

When Google entered smartphone world, speculations had suggested it would surprise in future. And so it did. Google, the king search engine had a small start but then time changed. We, users, realized that Google was bequeathing a valuable OS for free. It gave its software away for nothing. If you want to make your own phone, download the OS, customize it your way and install it in your hardware. No license is required. No strict guidelines restrict you from tailoring the OS.
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Struggler mobile companies took this opportunity as blessings. They hardly have single-digit market share before using Google’s Android. And when they adopted the OS for their smartphones, they experienced big leaps. From a mobile maker that had inconsiderable market share to one that reached pinnacle, Google Android gave a lot to companies like Samsung and LG.
Nokia was big fear for many companies before Google launched Android. The global brand of phones was one, and only one – Nokia. But now it exits nowhere. It’s not even included in statistical calculation by data analyzers when they prepare quarterly smartphone market share reports. Alas, Nokia too had gone through the Android way. And at the end of the day, Nokia was sold to Microsoft, which could also do nothing so far for rapidly dropping market value of the Nokia brand. BlackBerry sunk in even worse way. Kantar will no longer report BlackBerry’s market share because it has been less than 0.5% in 2014.
The year 2012 1st quarter, Apple’s market share was second to Samsung. Now it was the turn of Apple’s devices to face hard time. Since 2012, Apple’s device share has been shrinking year by year because of Android (mainly because of Samsung branded phones and other mobile companies using Android OS in their devices).
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Google’s Android turned out the smarter enough to help companies want to use the OS in other gadgets such as e-reader, gaming console.
Amazon launched Kindle Fire, which works on heavily tweaked version of Android. It does not use Google’s services such as Play store and Maps, Gmail but in the core, it is Android. However, there are ways to do that.
A company OUYA used Android in its less-expensive gaming Console with the same name — OUYA .  Although, it has not been a very successful device so far but it introduced other areas where Android OS can be implemented.
In 2013, University of Surrey’s Space Center and Surry Satellite Technologies initiated a joint project and sent an Android powered nano-satellite into orbit. The satellite had some experimental applications which were put in the phone to collect data from space.
Apart this, Android is being used smart TVs, cars, watches, camera, smart home automation, refrigerator and any gadget, machine, equipment and tool that require assistance of computer and software. Reason is simple, Android as the open source operating system can easily be customized as per the requirement of system and apps can created to get the operation executed.
Just look on other operating system. Do they offer such freedom? No, they don’t. Are they such portable as can be applied for smaller gadget? No, they aren’t. Do they offer customization the way system required? No, they don’t.
Android has been helping small companies to excel. Android helped those who have great hardware but cannot create great software to operate it. Mobile device makers could offer cheap smartphones just because of Android as they do not need to pay any licensing fee to the OS developer. In same situation, companies using Windows Mobile and Windows Phone OS have been paying licensing fees to Microsoft.
Smartphone technology is no more an elite technology now. Google allows any company to use its OS and sell smartphones as economically as possible. In true sense, Android has been a reformer in mobile market.

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