Android Wear is the future of wearable gadgets


Google showed Android Wear software at the I/O Developers Conference held in June this year. As Android developers have analyzed, the software isn’t too much about innovation for computerized wristwatches. It seems to be a Google’s effort of simplifying the wearable technology instead. Google Play is showcasing two smartwatches – one from LG and another from Samsung – that are expected to out within the next week.

As specialists have observed, Android Wear offers quite limited things. Even a year old smartwatches are able to do things that Android Wear doesn’t.  But one thing is clear that because it’s Android based software for wearable gadgets, it is supposed to harness the market of confusion. It should encourage Android app developers to work for smartphone functionality in the same way they have previously worked to make Android powered smartphone even smarter.
In watches that are not running dedicated wearable Android, different device makers have modified the OS in their own ways that made has coding unified apps difficult for an Android developer. Android developers have to work a lot and of course it can hardly pay off because not enough people are using these watches.
Now with this new smartwatch software, Android developer won’t need to rewrite their apps for the smartwatches of different companies. The new software will also encourage people to buy smartwatches because these smartwatches will have Android in core.
A watch running on Android Wear will need a companion smartphone powered by Android 4.3 or later. Also, the watches are not going to support any phone running on other operating systems.
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