Android’s growth as a mobile game development platform

With 85% share in global smartphone market, Android is today’s most popular mobile operating system. The features making Android a much adopted OS are multitasking, easy customization, and open-source natures of the software. It’s an open-source OS. An open-source software is quite flexible when it comes to customizing it for a business specific operation.The interface of Android is rather user-friendly which has a lot of stunning features that make it the most demanding OS among others.
Android apps are based on Java which is one of most popular programming languages for many years. This is another reason so developers nowadays prefer to build Android apps. Java dates back to 1995 and thus most of the developers know how to program Java software.
Android lets skilled developers have amazing experience of creating games in smartphones and tablets. There are a number of app categories available on Google Play. But wealthiest one of them is indeed the gaming category. From mission games to puzzle games, to sports games, to racing games, to actions games, to strategy games, Android has gaming apps of all sorts.
Before the invention of smartphone, people were playing “Snake” type game in their mobile devices but in today’s era, mobile phones have better games than PCs. High-end Android devices has great hardware and graphics supports for almost all sorts of games. Also these devices support high-speed internet which is required in multiplayer online games.
Mobile game development experts around the world are witnessing great rise in the demand of Android based mobile gaming apps. Not only gaming industry, but the entire business world is discovering the benefits of being on Android platform.
Google has offered all the required support for Android application development. It offers SDK (software development kit) and other assistance to Android developers. With these tools, developers are able to create such bug-free, high-performance Android games which really excite users. But, the knowledge of SDK isn’t merely going to help you. It’s just insufficient. A professional Android developer is supposed to have several years of knowledge in programming and designing the UI of a app. Then come packaging, testing and deployment, and all these require years of knowledge. Professional mobile game application development companies follow the best of the Android app development practices.
You can hire an Android developer by going through its portfolio and observing quality of previously concluded projects. You can also check developers for its earlier apps. Also see whether or not the reviews and rating are positive.
This information is brought to you by experts in Android based native, mobile-web and hybrid application developments.

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