Another reason to choose Android over iPhone

The new Google’s Android 5.0 is coming with a stunning feature for those who want to click high quality photos with their mobiles. Now an Android powered phone’s camera would be able to capture raw photos too. As reported by Business Insider, this new feature in Android also allows users seeing what a photo looks like before phone’s camera actually capture it.
So far, the same type of ability was available in high-end DSLR cameras but, it will be the first time when mobile camera too have the feature of capturing raw photos.
However, average mobile users do not much care about shooting photos in raw but now they will also have raw photos that they can edit with a photo editor like Photoshop. On the flip side, it would not be much convenient for users to interact with raw photos. It is because a phone’s camera software compresses the captured image and then translates it into JPEG. A JPEG photo lets users share it on all devices and social platform but they would not be able share a raw photo without converting it into JPEG, PNG, GIF and other commonly supported formats.
But those who understand a bit about photography know that JPEG or PNG images/ photos cannot provide enough scope for editing. This new feature in Android provides great freedom and flexibility to edit and manipulate specific parts of an image.
With this feature users will be able to work with pure data that was originally captured by a camera, and that was not compressed by any camera software. Because it would be an originally photo without any compression to its quality, it can be used for detailed editing. When a camera captures a photo in raw, it does not assume to adjust/ modify its quality or color.
For regular users who hardly use image /photo editing software, the feature addition to Android OS will not be much noticeable as they do not need it. But, users who want to capture high quality photos using their phone’s camera will of course be quite happy with this feature. And of course you will need more space to save raw photos.

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