Apple-Samsung patent verdict – a shock for Android

Google cleared its stand on Apple-Samsung patent verdict. The search giant cleared that most of the claims by Apple do not relate to the Android OS used in the Samsung mobile devices. However, Google has responded to jury that Samsung infringed Apple Patents, but Android cannot be linked to these infringements.
Android is an open source mobile OS, and Google doesn’t charge any amount when mobile manufacturers tweak it to use in their devices. But, it was a big shock for Google when a California jury said that Samsung infringed Apple patents as the Korean company is world’s largest mobile manufacturer.
Soon after the verdict came on August 24, Google saw a decline of 1.4 percent share. The stock had gained 5.1 percent this year before today.
“This verdict is a major victory for Apple vis a vis the Android ecosystem,” said Toni Sacconaghi, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., in a research report today. “That said, we don’t think it is a game-changing loss for Android.”
According to Gartner Inc, Apple is regularly losing its market share while Google’s Android is day by day getting strong position all over the world. The OS powering more the 400 million devices and more than 1 million are turned on daily. The major partners–apart from Samsung–are HTC Corp. and South Korea’s LG Electronics Inc.
This verdict has blown the search engine, but it has already taken a positive step to protect itself against various patent related challenges to Android. It has acquired Motorola Mobility Holdings for About $12.5 billion. By acquiring Motorola, Google has got a hold of more than 17,000 patents, which it would use in future developments.

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