Apple Watch's native support will begin new trend among mobile game developers.


The Apple Watch has quickly created solid audience. Soon after entering the US market, consumers have adopted this smartphone watch even if it still has irregularities. The craze is also igniting mobile game developers who are showing interest in developing mini games that can work on the Apple Watch.
Many mobile game developers seem to be pretty optimistic with the Apple’s smartwatch. They can do some cool stuff with it, however limitations are still there. But these limitations can also be defeated.
The major limit is monetization. It’s complicated to monetize an Apple Watch application. For monetize now, the Watch app has to be a paid only app as there is no way to put ads or apply in app purchases. The app purchase can happen on traditional device because the Watch app is just an add-on.
Apps for the Watch have also been complained to perform very slowly. Users quickly spotted this fact that apps are limited in their features and sluggish too. But some big changes will be seen in future.
Mobile game developers have issue with the Watch not having support to run apps natively. But as Apple’s senior vice president, Jeff William,  has promised the developers will soon be able to build native applications.
That means developers would be able to code apps to utilize all sensors within the Apple Watch.

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