Apple’s Attempt To Revamp The App Store May Not Be Supportive To Developers

apple app store

So Apple did that, after all. The company announced on Wednesday that it will make the long-awaited enhancements to the App Store. But it doesn’t mean that new updates are going to ease the concerns of iPad and iPhone application developers who keep on saying that the charm of App Store is fading out.
apple app store
As updates are coming from difference sources that on the  revamped App Store, iPad and iPhone app developers will be able advertise their apps in search results and get a big part of revenue on subscriptions. Apart from this, Apple has already sped up the approval process of apps which has always been matter of concern for a lot of developers.
These changes are coming up because of other reasons too, as expert suggest. The sales of iPhone has begun to level off and here, the existence of store is strategically important more than ever before. The company seems to look towards iPad and iPhone app developers to fill up the gap which has been created by Android. When developers will be able to go through the simplest process of designing, development and publishing apps, they will create more apps for a platforms and in turn, the platform becomes more popular among users, as already happened with Android. The revamp of the App Store is a strategic step taken by Apple to fill up the widening gap.
But simplifying the process will hardly be helpful as the App Store is already the victim of its own success. With more than 1.9 million apps created in last eight years and at least 14,000 new apps arrive each week, it has turned harder for app developers to get a good exhibit to their apps. Finding audience is now increasingly difficult on the App Store where hundreds of thousands of apps do already exist.

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